Saturday, December 29, 2007

We'll see

It appears that we now have the internet. It has only been a few hours since it was hooked up and it is very spotty. However, it seems to work fairly ok.
Here are some photos of T's visit home in November and a few friends and some other stuff.

Moses fell asleep between the blankets I was using for my bed when I we had moved almost everything.

We got back to Athena and it had snowed. J made a horned snowman using the antlers from the deer he shot this year!

T came back for December and he and some of his friends were taken (somewhat unwillingly) to a fancy tea spot called La Tea Dah in Tillamook.

Once in Athena again, we hung out and then eventually had Christmas. T got some more models, J got some music from Nana, and Grandma and Grandpa H got a fisherbird made from a shovel and spatulas and a shoe stretcher!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


OK, I finally got a hold of the Dr's office. They called the Athena number today, even though I specifically gave them my new number on Monday. At any rate, it appears that the MRI I had done showed that things were completely normal. But, I still can't see properly. They want to have me come back in two weeks. I am so annoyed. We spent lots of monies for something I could have just dealt with on my I have been!
I know, J always tells me a fiddle only has one stick, but what if you have a spare? I am working on a also takes sticks. I am making the snowman kit that I made for our fair. (I don't think I took a photo of that ribbon winner) Only, I am doing 3. I will deliver them on Friday. I have had to purchase stuff to create them, as I left some items I needed in Athena. You know, paint, paintbrushes, needles, thread, mini cutting tool, and so on. On the other hand, I probably couldn't find them anyway! It has been fun, even if I can't see as well as I would like. I think it gives them a lopsided look of authenticity!
T is out with friends. (See Prom post) He was kidnapped by the three and they are out playing. They might have picked up more peoples. I don't know. I kind of hoped he would come back to change from his ACU's into play clothes and then I could see the friends. But, they haven't yet. Besides, ACU's are sturdier than most play clothes.
Book of the day: How can the heart forget Emilie Loring and Starship Troopers by Heinlein. I wanted to re-read The Golden Compass, but mine is packed somewhere and all the library copies are checked out.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tuesday in Tillamook

Well, the THS concert last night was fun. Jazz band was a little off, the rest went pretty well. Also got to visit the creamery today and listened to the THS VEnsemble. They are fun to listen to. And I got to hold sweaters and purses and even a phone! I felt like I belonged again!
Just for Jake, the Cry of the Icemark by Eric Hill (I believe) is an excellant book. It is a great story of coming of age and change and just plain fun characters.
Looking at some modular sticklike houses. Not that much in Athena right now. The one we really wanted got snatched up by the new policeman..their house in a previous town burned down and they have small kids. Ours, here, still hasn't officially closed.
That's all for now.

Sunday, December 16, 2007


T and I are back on the Oregon Coast. It is so different here. T was disgusted that he had to unpack his cold weather gear when he got to his grandparent's house. It was 28 there. Above, not below, but much colder than Tillamook.
I have some photos, but need to ask the people we are staying wiht how to get them through their computer onto the net. They have many filters and protectives. They are a good idea, though.
At any rate, J's snowman was still up when we got there--it is bashed into ice lumps now. I tried to get some holiday photos of Moses--not an easy task. The Christmas flowers were fake and had been on a cake iced with whipped topping stuff. He tried to eat them from where I had arranged them on a sock. T did some projects and I did a few things also.
Am reading the last Potter book again. Icemark is better!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Good grief.

We are in Tillamook least, T and I are. It is awesome to be with him and see him and have him around somewhat. (He is with his friends a great deal already!) S and J drove back to Athena and I already miss them.
While in Portland S and I joined the modern era and got ourselves cell phones. A very scary purchase, but somewhat neccessary. I have learned how to take photos, one friend helped me do a voice dial thing, another friend showed me how to add people and stuff, and it seems like it will be more fun than not. So, that is what we got for Christmas! I did get Steve's parents a Christmas if I can only find ours!
I am pretty tired, but I am doing lots of projects this week. I need to finish a few of them so I can start more. I am turning over a new leaf. I aim to finish things before starting others. Books, not included!!!!!
Book of the day: Alas, Babylon and Cry of the Icemark

Monday, December 03, 2007

More news

It is now Monday the first one in December and it is icky out. Very windy and wet and not lots of fun to walk in. I hear it is ickier in Tillamook, though. So, I am glad we are here.
S got our computer up and running, but we still are not on the internet. I will see if I can post pictures next week from our friends house. They are pretty fun, but then again, T will be home next week and everyone down here will get to see him!
I have a spot of eye trouble, it appears that for some reason I have lost vision in one eye. Not sure why, but there you have it. I visit a dr tomorrow to see if the specialist has any idea what is up. It is a very interesting perspective on the world.
Other than that, not much is going on. Thinking of everyone and getting ready to find the stuff to get our Christmas cards out!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

In Athena

OK, We are in Athena now. It only took us a zillion hours to get here. We were stuck in a non moving line of traffic in the Dalles area for 3 1/2 hours. We ended up getting to Athena around 430 in the am. We unloaded for an hour, took a short nap, got up and did the rest before S and J had to go off to work and school. It was very long. The cats were sedated, but obviously, the meds wore off long before we arrived. We left Tillamook around 7ish pm. and it was totally storming. Very nasty weather all around. We had rain and wind on the coast and ice and cold the rest of the way. I even got out during the 'break' we had and made a snowman that was tiny enough to sit on a gaurdrail post. I am at the library and will post photos of T and his surprise visit home as soon as I can. Have to leave for now, keep smiling and have a great end of November!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Our last week

This is what happened at our house this week. Then, on Wednesday T called and said he was coming home for a few days! And we are almost out of here!

Friday, November 16, 2007

What a week!

This week has been full of the longest days ever. It started on Monday (most weeks do, I guess) with an amazing rain and wind storm. It was raining in circles! Well, it was also the day I was taking two cats to the vet for feline lukemia shots. I had gotten Katy Kat in a carrier (we only have one) and decided that since I couldn't find the harness and leash for Moses, he could just ride freestyle. I would stop and get him a carrier at a local store. Teddy decided he needed a walk just before I left, so I reluctantly got my wet stuff back on that I had worn earlier when I was doing some outside chores. Moses wanted to go outside, but I didn't want a wet cat in the car and tossed him back inside. After the walk, I got Katy caged (she was not impressed and vocalized her annoyance as I left her in the dining room to look one last time for Moses harness and lead) and got them both in the car, Moses was without a restraint. I drove to the neighbor's to do something and she loaned me a carrier. (Remember it is pouring and blowing outside). As I put it in the car, Moses snuck out! There is a rhododendron near the driveway by my neighbor's house and that is where he decided to hang out. Oh, he moved around a bit here and there, but for the most part hunkered down and ignored me as I called and called him. About 10 minutes later, my neighbor noticed I was still in the driveway and helped keep him contained under the bush. We were both concerned he would wander off somewhere else in the garden in her yard and I would have only one cat to take to the vet. Eventually, he inched his way closer to me and I was able to dive through the branches of the bush and snag him. He was not happy and tried to get away, but I was wet and grumpy and he was NOT going anywhere. My neighbor got the car and the cage open and he was incarcerated in the back. My drive to town was rather noisy until I turned on some Christian music. That seemed to distract them for a bit.

On Tuesday, I took two more cats in for shots. This time they had to have complete exams. A very spendy process. One of them messed in the new carrier I had purchased as I was driving to town. That was icky! I mailed a box to T full of cookies and brownies I had made on Monday and that was spendy, too!

Later this week I worked and planned on going to EO on Friday. As of today, I am leaving in the morning on Saturday. There is more daylight then. I started a project the other day that I should have done ages ago and ended up with only 10 flax seed warmers for my PT neighbor. I need more flax! I had 25 pounds and the pile of pillows packs in the picture (check out that alliteration!) has most of them. I did lose a few ounces when I filled a pack and held it up, only to discover there was a hole in one of the seams. I have about 6 more 'snakes' to make for her.

Moses has objected to many things this week. He was especially annoyed with me for something earlier this evening. He didn't tell me what, but I didn't get him off my lap (where he had jumped on his own!) fast enough and he bit me on the cheek. Now he wants out, but he peeked outside and noticed that the door into summer is missing, so he has curled up by the door on a mat.
T graduated as a Calv Scout today (ok, yesterday, Thursday. I hope he got the box. He called and left a message. He sounded depressed, so I don't think the cookies came. Unless they did and he got in trouble!).
Book of the Day: Richard Peck's The Librarian Lies Here

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Finding the strangest things

We decided that since we were moving plants today, we needed to uproot my garlic bulb. J was amazed and said that even though the ones at the fair were taller (8 feet or so !), mine had the biggest bulb. It is now drying for use in flavorful dinners. (J has become a teen. His clothes are AWFUL!)
It looks a bit sad around here. The plants in pots have been moved, the hanging bird feeders are down, and the welcome sign is off the door. The worst part is the garage. It is finally almost empty! Sigh.

Book(s) of the day: Something by Emilie Loring and The Lost Colony by Eoin Colfer.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Fall at 27015 Trask River Rd

Here are my fall pictures. They are much prettier in real life! I thought I had gotten more of the apple tree.

J had his first concert tonight and S thought it was great fun. J said they made some really bad mistakes and Mr. C would have been mad at them. He was disgusted with the kids, too. He also said the place had horrid acoustics. S, as I said before, thought they were great. Both of them agreed that the orchestra was wonderful, though.
S's dad did come home today. He went down to the basement and cracked walnuts, went to a Legion meeting, and then went to bed! That was a lot for his first afternoon home!
Actually, he came home on Tuesday. I tried putting the pictures on and they wouldn't take. So, I decided to try today!
Book of the day: (Fairest was very good and so were the last chapters of The Amber Spyglass, which I needed to reread for old times sake!) In Times Like These by Emilie Loring is my today book.

Pretty soon!

So much is happening! We might have the house sold for sure, T will be home in a few weeks, and all in all, we have tons to do. It is a time for hurry up and wait, but it all happens pretty soon!
I will go home and load on the photos of fall at our house, it is very pretty. I only hope the new house will look this good.
S's dad gets to come home from the care center today! He is excited. So is everyone else.
Last weekend I went to the TAPA play and said something that was a bit of a joke, but not really. Someone overheard me and suggested it was an incredible truth that they never thought they would ever hear a person admit to. I was telling a person I was working with that someone else was arriving to take over my job. Then, I suggested that I had discovered that I was not entirely indispensible. And that is when the lady touched my arm and made the comments above. As I drove home I was thinking and you know, that is so true. I may be missed if I was not here, but someone somewhere would always be able to do what I do. Or do a reasonable facsimile of what I do. It was a humbling car ride home.
I tried the spell check feature and it didn't appear to work, any words not spelled correctly are not my fault. I did try!

Book of the day: Fairest by Gail C. Levine

Sunday, October 28, 2007

PFC S Hansell

T sent some photos to a friend and she got the negs to me at the THS Fall concert. T will be at the same address (see Mrs. Henderson's Choir blog) until the first week of December. Then, he will be coming back to Oregon. (YIPPEE!) These photos were taken during the weekend after they 'graduated' from basic at the end of September. They had a weekend leave and they took it! Finishing that weekend, they went back to FT Knox and will be completing their IET (Initial Entry) course November 15. After that they continue at Ft Knox for Stryker training, which will end in December. Phew! So, here he is. (They were shown around THS, so anyone from there already saw these and many more!)

I call this last one "FEED ME!" a direct quote from Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Wonderful Days

Well, it has stopped raining and is absolutely lovely outside. I would post some pictures, but they are still on the camera. I will get around to it eventually.
Went to the THS fall concert last night. It was great fun. (see Mrs. Henderson's site) Kristen played a couple of great trumpet solos and they also had a young lady play violin for a couple of songs. There were a lot of people there and even a few 2007 graduates. One of the girls that T has been writing to brought me negatives to some pictures which I got to look at! I will post a few of them as soon as I get my scanner back. I am so annoyed that I decided to pack the scanner. I don't really know what I was thinking. I miss that more than I miss my cold weather clothes! I will pick up the photos tomorrow and will most likely get the scanner this weekend. Unless S forgets it. (He'd better not!)
T's letter this week had enclosed in it a sharp shooter medal. He gave it to J as he said he had gotten a new one! J was incredibly impressed and wrote T a letter, finally. He actually typed it on my old electric typewriter! He is so retro. He also loves record players (they are very interesting machines). I will let people know when he (T) will come home. He is still not sure when he will land where ever.
Note: I can see why single persons eat frozen foods so often. Meals for one are kinda boring to eat (although, a good book helps them go down better!) and hard to make!
Book of the day: Alta by Mercedes Lackey.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Busy, busy, busy.

J and S were here last weekend. It was loads of fun, except I have been sick with a cold since then. In spite of that, I have been subbing and am booked for all of next week. J helped to several things while he was here. One of them was driving my car (bribery) to help take some wood to the neighbor's. S is practically almost done with the bath. No dancing in the streets yet.
S did J's parent teacher conferences (I was very proud of him) and J is doing very well. He has 8 classes and is getting 5 A's, 2 B's, and one C-. The C- is mostly because he just doesn't turn in the work. His last test in that class (pre algebra) was an A- and it was a good thing he got that. His grade before that was a D-! Not sure about all those minus grades. I haven't had a teacher give those in ages. S said J's band teacher couldn't say enough about how wonderful a student J was. He said his prior teachers in music gave him an excellant grounding and he would love to make clones of him!!! (I don't think so!!!!!!!!) He said J is always aware of where he is in the music, pays close attention, and shows great understanding in class. So, Kudos to Mrs. Henderson and Mr. C for forming another musician! He is even playing louder, which I believe is Bethany's kudo (she gave him a few lessons before school started).

Other than that, if you are in Tillamook, you know it is raining cats and dogs. Nope, I take that back. It is saber tooth tigers and Mastedons! It has been really windy (both of our for sale signs were blown over!) here and T is experiencing Tornado warnings and watches in Ft Knox.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Trying to do something and not sure how it is working. This blog is only a test.

I was trying to post a profile picture. I wanted the one I finally have on there. The other is NOT a self portrait..J took the picture and there is a dog in it. However, the dog was not impressed about having his photo taken and I cropped him out of it. So, that is all this blog is. Just a test. And a rather good one at that!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Sew much fun!

Well, I don't have any cool costumes to make, but look what I got from a friend!!!!! I am going to make her some curtains. S wasn't impressed. He didn't know what I needed another one for! I only have 3, I have a friend who collects them..but I am not sure how many she has either. Several, though. This machine is a White and looks pretty simple. Not like my Husky, but hey, I am going to have FUN. The fabric is for her curtains.

J and S are coming home tonight, so I should have more interesting things to chat about after this weekend. (although, the pigs were pretty funny!) J has said he is going to put the wood stove back together for me (those little brick things inside come out!!) and S is finally going to finish the bathroom! (Dancing will commence in the streets upon completion!)

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Esio Trot-ter??

Not sure how many of you have read that clever story by Roald Dahl, Esio Trot? Well, today I kept thinking of it, even though we have nary a tortoise in the neighborhood. Although, we just might and we haven't seen it yet!

It has been a misty rainy sort of weekend (the week was just rainy and stormy in spots) and one has to continue doing chores in spite of the weather. So, I did a bunch of errands and got some supplies to do a few things and came home. I managed to get soaked while arranging Teddy's dog house (we have to leave him outside now as it will be easier for the realtors to get in when I am not home.) and ran into a few difficulties. I couldn't find the zip ties..they were much higher than I could easily reach, but I managed. I couldn't find the staple gun..I finally got it off the highest shelf by climbing on a milk crate and stretching. When I got it down, it needed staples and so, back up on the shelf I went. Eventually, it was done and I came inside to dry off and change clothes. Then the neighbor came over. He is selling a cord of wood for us and wanted to load it on his truck. So, I got my wet things back on and started to help. However, we got some unusual visitors while we were loading wood. It wasn't the little pig that stayed home or the little pig that had roast beef, it was probably the little pig who went to market and got lost on the way and the one who went wee wee wee..but didn't go home (I am betting he is the one with the collar). Pigs are very cute, but rather tough on yards. They are like little roto tillers and I had to stop helping our neighbor and keep chasing them from my yard and our other neighbor's yard. Then, Teddy was inside and very upset about these odd looking creatures in the yard..and he got out. Oddly enough, he saw a dog and forgot the pigs for the moment. I finally caught him and put him back in the house (this time I closed the door firmly) and after much longer, the pigs were finally corralled by a lady down the road and taken back to her home. Where I hope they stay!
Yesterday was not fun either. I decided, as it was the nicest day in the next 5, to primer the door. It needed done ages ago, but sadly it wasn't. So, I did it. It wasn't hard until I tried to put the knobs back in. Very bad idea to take knobs out. Especially if you close the door. In order to open it I had to put the knob partially back. (I hadn't taken the little latchy thing out) They are in now, but not as well as they were..which may be why Teddy was able to get out this afternoon. Unless, I just forgot to close it. That could be the correct answer.

So, Jake, I hope this sastisfies your cravings for news. I definitely hope I don't get a day like this for a very long time!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Too much stuff!

Well, S and J were here for a brief visit and took more stuff back with them. This was mostly S stuff, wood and boards and oddments. They did take my bike, which I won't use here as it is too dangerous to ride a bike on the Trask. S got the floor done in J's room. It looks very nice, although some of the boards seem a bit faded. He finished it late on Saturday night and when J got up Sunday morning, the first thing he said was,"how come the boards don't match?" We were not impressed, as we hadn't even noticed. It does look good in spite of the change in color, though. Now the walls seem funny because they are still the regular walls they have always been there and everything else is new and pretty. J took out the shed in the back, which was pretty exciting. J said when he was pounding the metal a pack rat ran out from under the shed. He also said he had to use a mask because of all the rust. I would have preferred him to use eye protection, too. (But that is mom stuff.)

Friday, September 21, 2007

Phones are back!

WooHoo! Our phones are back and our connection is a tad faster than usual. I am very thankful and hope they stay on for longer than a week. (It is just a tad faster, photos still take ages to load!)
My family (well, S and J) are coming home this weekend!! I am so excited. I made cookies (added too much flour, but they are ok) and a cake (forgot the oil and after 10 minutes took it out of the oven and scooped it into a bowl, added the oil, cleaned out the cake pan, put the batter back in and it cooked up pretty well-I was very glad as the ingredients were ones I had just run out of! (poppy seeds) I would post photos of the food, but I am not Better Homes and Gardens. (LOL Jake!) Although, my house is really clean. We showed it again today and I fianally decided that even if we still had debris around here, I could tidy it up. However, now I have to remember where I put it all. I am pretty sure the lightbulbs are all in the bathroom along with the cleaning supplies (or at least, most of them!) and the spiders are happily making new cobwebs to replace the ones I tore down. It is the season of the spider. EWWWW.
Last week or so, I got to visit the THS choir and was able to take some interesting photos of students. I wonder how Mrs. H manages to keep from gray hair?

Note the similarity of some of the sillies in these pictures? And now for Moses, who supposes he wants to be a football player! I wonder if I could make him a tiny THS jersey to wear?

Monday, September 17, 2007

Phones are out of order..for the time being

If anyone has tried to call, the phones are not working. I am at the library, finally. I was told they might be working today, but we'll see. Not much to say. I volunteered at the library today, so that is why I am here. Check out the Tillamook Library page. It is a great library and I will miss it.
T called, or tried to on Saturday. He sounds tired and grown up and he would love to hear from people. He finally got some ice cream and a brownie. He misses sweets.
Not much else going on. I have been a bit isolated with the phones out. More on the later.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

School has started and all's well!

J has started school and really likes it so far. He is the only bari sax in 50 kids, but the bari is 'generic'. He likes English and Earth Science and thinks it is cool that after 4 days of school, they get 3 off for Pendleton Roundup. He said the bike lanes have cones and are used by the horses. He also said, "everywhere you look there are horses or something a horse left." He is riding his bicycle at Grandpa and Grandma's and is looking forward to getting out his 'real' motorcycle. (it is the big one that we got from some friends in a trade.)
S is busy, but he doesn't get Roundup off like some people! His dad has surgery this weekend on a valve. There was a discussion in church concerning S fixing it for his dad. S fixes valves all of the time and we were told that arteries needed snipped with wire cutters, which is a tool S uses all of the time. I was creeped out. Eeeew.
We showed the house today. It was kinda scary. I am not going to stay here the next time. I will just let them in and leave! Did the windows and am going to paint them tomorrow. (paint the spaces between the window and the storm window, although, if I painted the window it might always be sunny!).
It clouded up today. That is the weather on the coast. Here are the beach pictures. Note that one has some sun and then less than 10 minutes later, the other is foggy. J is the speck near the logs in the last photo. He is walking between two of them. Our maybe he just went over! He was looking for rocks.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Labor Day Blues

Labor Day is done and gone. Moograss is over (FUN experience, I was there on Sunday for the first time ever and it was pretty awesome), S is gone to Eastern Oregon with J, and T is having fun at Basic.
This last letter he said that they experienced a tornado warning (it was kinda cool, they lost half a tree by a barracks!!!), had several really fun lightning storms (we don't really get lightning here on the Oregon Coast), and got dropped off in the middle of the base to do navigation skills. I only wish he could stay there and not get deployed to someplace dangerous!
S and J are learning new things. J keeps saying the school is huge and yellow. There are lots of stairs and a really long wheelchair ramp. He gets tested tomorrow. S is adjusting. It is lots different from TMC. He has to take lots of his work debris back to his parents as there is no room for it at the shop he is in. Between all of us, we have too much stuff.
I am here waiting to get stuff clean and mended. And I need to pack a bit more. I told a friend that my epitah should say 'I need more boxes'. Even if you can't take it with you, it sure helps if it is packed because someone has to move it!
Took J to the beach for his last day. I haven't loaded the photos on the computer, but it was foggy. Every other day was nice, though. Typical.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Less than a week!

In less than a week, the house will go on the market. We still have so much to do! And not just packing. Then, there is Moograss and J is still not fully registered for school (which starts just after Labor Day). He has to take a test and S wants me to go to Pendleton for that. I would rather stay here and get stuff done. We'll see! I may have to drive back and forth. Not my favorite idea, but sometimes we just have to do things we don't like.

I had to put in these pictures of Moses. J still is not the tidiest of eaters, but Moses will clean up after him (it is NOT something we encourage, but it was pretty funny!). Notice, when he realised he was caught, he jumped down! I guess everyone likes spaghetti.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Almost Moograss!

Moograss is hard on the heels of the fair. It happens on Labor Day weekend at the fair grounds and they have an awesome website. Speaking of fair, here are a few pictures. The apple candy dish was so easy and the judges liked it a great deal. The seastar ornaments and candle container were lots of fun to make for different friends and Jon had a good time with his things, too. The promise of the apples in a previous post turned into a blue ribbon, so that was pretty cool. I am not doing applesauce this year due to the move, but am hoping to dry some. (that will smell yummy!)

We heard from T several times. It appears he is having fun, he says his lack of hair doesn't look as bad as some of the other guys, and his group (platoon, unit?) is the 'most well behaved'. They have won several awards and plaques. We missed him last night at the Eagle ceremony for one of his friends. I would post a picture for that, but the church where the ceremony was held was not photographer friendly! J came back from Scout camp and had an excellant time. His favorite merit badge was not the one for rifles, but a new one for nuculear sciences. Not sure what it is called, but he had a blast! He and S are in EO for a few days to register J for school. We packed what I thought was a ton of stuff, but it really only scratched the surface. Well, it was more of a gouge, but we had two very special persons come up to help after the ceremony and they stayed late. Then, today two more special people hauled their horse trailer (full of our stuff) to EO, where they unloaded it mostly by themselves!!!!! S and J arrived later and almost all of it was done! Then, the dear ones came back to Tillamook. Friends can be very humbling.

A girl named Jo opened this week. Very good play (and great snacks on Fri and Sat--I made them! Chocolate apple cake, key lime bars, and Texas cake). The persons acting are doing things they are not really used to doing and it is fun to watch. It is great to see how our kids grow. Oh, well, I do wish T was here.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

And the Winner Is.....

Actually, the fair is on and that is the theme this year. I am going to miss the Tillamook County Fair. It has a great webpage and the Pig N Ford page is totally awesome. We entered several items, not as much as usual, but several. Jon won the Fair theme award in the Art dept and the two of us did pretty well with colors. The pix of mom and the goat won a blue ribbon!! That was rather amazing as there were about 844 entries in photos this year! T's sequin tux jacket (see May, Prom link) won a red and T's sultan robe also won a red. I don't think I have a pix of that on here anywhere, so the robe was the black glittery thing he is wearing. The sword was also entered. It didn't win anything. However, I have heard a few comments about it and when people are told it was from the THS fall play it gets great reviews! I will try to take some photos of the winning things and post them here. TTFN.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Flowers for Jake

OK, so Jake wants not purple flowers. I had to have some in the pictures because they are the ones that are growing like CRAZY, but the evening primroses and the roses look good, too. The last two photos are of different plants that bloomed at different times. The first one was around the 4th and the last one is blooming now. Other than that, have been cleaning up T's room and found LOTS of playing cards. However, there were only 2 or 3 complete sets. So, who isn't playing with a full deck? :o)
It was nice and sunny and breezy today and was able to hang clothes out to dry. Even washed my quilt..although, I know I am not supposed to wash it in the washer. I did dry it outside on the line. Made some rather strange crispy noodle snacks. They never did get 'dry'. I made them with chocolate chips and they set up well, they were just gooey, even after being in the fridge.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Sunshine again!

Well, we had a week or so of rain, but it is now over and the sun has come out again. (Almost a song from Annie!) Everything grew like crazy. S has been mowing tonight and the garden needs weeded something terrible. My Himalayan (sp) Balsam are HUGE and full of bees, the swallows are all grown, and the butterfly bushes are blooming. My evening primroses look great, too. And I have even MORE roses budding and a sunflower came up volunteer in the rose patch!
We also heard from T. It was the token call home. Basic starts tomorrow. He said it was hot. (I can imagine. The humidity in Ft Knox said in the 90's and the temp tomorrow night at 10pm is expected to be 75 degrees. (ICKY)) It must be like Korea in the summer. Probably hotter, though. Outside of that, not much news from him. He said he'd write soon. I hope so!
Haven't gotten the HP book, but not a problem. Re-reading some Mercedes Lackey stuff. Have some more of hers on reserve. I love ILL. :o) Tillamook County Fair is soon and J goes to Scout camp and then it is Moograss over Labor Day weekend. OH-And I forgot the newest TAPA play (see link). Can't wait to see that one! Am also looking very forward to The Golden Compass coming out later this year.
Hey, Jake, do you read these? :o)

Thursday, July 19, 2007

He's gone, except in Pix.

Well, we took T to Portland with a dear friend. I was glad she was there. We went to Wunderland Arcade/Avalon Theatre. I had forgotten about that cool Portland spot. We wanted to see a movie, but missed most of them as we had to get T back to the hotel by 10pm. After we dropped him off, I was pretty sad most of the way home and then when we landed in North Plains the Oregon Ambassador's people had come home (See Mrs. Henderson's page) and N was there!!!!! I turned into a watering pot when I hugged him. (A small watering pot). So, then S got me a snack and I felt better. Food and tears. It helped a bit, but it still feels odd. J said it was very wierd because when he got up, T's door was open and it is NEVER open. I am washing clothes and bedding and stuff from his room. (Major work!). No wonder he left home!! We wern't able to do the cell phone thing. We just aren't educated enough in technology. We gave him a calling card, but it is a hassle to use. I only hope he tries anyway. I still want to send him a phone! I gave him some stamps, maybe he'll write. (B does, but we know where he is!)

I have a T spaced hole in my heart. Dean preached about a God spaced hole and how only God can fill it. Only T can fill this one. >sigh<> OK, this blog says it may not post. We'll keep trying!