Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Too much stuff!

Well, S and J were here for a brief visit and took more stuff back with them. This was mostly S stuff, wood and boards and oddments. They did take my bike, which I won't use here as it is too dangerous to ride a bike on the Trask. S got the floor done in J's room. It looks very nice, although some of the boards seem a bit faded. He finished it late on Saturday night and when J got up Sunday morning, the first thing he said was,"how come the boards don't match?" We were not impressed, as we hadn't even noticed. It does look good in spite of the change in color, though. Now the walls seem funny because they are still the regular walls they have always been there and everything else is new and pretty. J took out the shed in the back, which was pretty exciting. J said when he was pounding the metal a pack rat ran out from under the shed. He also said he had to use a mask because of all the rust. I would have preferred him to use eye protection, too. (But that is mom stuff.)

Friday, September 21, 2007

Phones are back!

WooHoo! Our phones are back and our connection is a tad faster than usual. I am very thankful and hope they stay on for longer than a week. (It is just a tad faster, photos still take ages to load!)
My family (well, S and J) are coming home this weekend!! I am so excited. I made cookies (added too much flour, but they are ok) and a cake (forgot the oil and after 10 minutes took it out of the oven and scooped it into a bowl, added the oil, cleaned out the cake pan, put the batter back in and it cooked up pretty well-I was very glad as the ingredients were ones I had just run out of! (poppy seeds) I would post photos of the food, but I am not Better Homes and Gardens. (LOL Jake!) Although, my house is really clean. We showed it again today and I fianally decided that even if we still had debris around here, I could tidy it up. However, now I have to remember where I put it all. I am pretty sure the lightbulbs are all in the bathroom along with the cleaning supplies (or at least, most of them!) and the spiders are happily making new cobwebs to replace the ones I tore down. It is the season of the spider. EWWWW.
Last week or so, I got to visit the THS choir and was able to take some interesting photos of students. I wonder how Mrs. H manages to keep from gray hair?

Note the similarity of some of the sillies in these pictures? And now for Moses, who supposes he wants to be a football player! I wonder if I could make him a tiny THS jersey to wear?

Monday, September 17, 2007

Phones are out of order..for the time being

If anyone has tried to call, the phones are not working. I am at the library, finally. I was told they might be working today, but we'll see. Not much to say. I volunteered at the library today, so that is why I am here. Check out the Tillamook Library page. It is a great library and I will miss it.
T called, or tried to on Saturday. He sounds tired and grown up and he would love to hear from people. He finally got some ice cream and a brownie. He misses sweets.
Not much else going on. I have been a bit isolated with the phones out. More on the later.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

School has started and all's well!

J has started school and really likes it so far. He is the only bari sax in 50 kids, but the bari is 'generic'. He likes English and Earth Science and thinks it is cool that after 4 days of school, they get 3 off for Pendleton Roundup. He said the bike lanes have cones and are used by the horses. He also said, "everywhere you look there are horses or something a horse left." He is riding his bicycle at Grandpa and Grandma's and is looking forward to getting out his 'real' motorcycle. (it is the big one that we got from some friends in a trade.)
S is busy, but he doesn't get Roundup off like some people! His dad has surgery this weekend on a valve. There was a discussion in church concerning S fixing it for his dad. S fixes valves all of the time and we were told that arteries needed snipped with wire cutters, which is a tool S uses all of the time. I was creeped out. Eeeew.
We showed the house today. It was kinda scary. I am not going to stay here the next time. I will just let them in and leave! Did the windows and am going to paint them tomorrow. (paint the spaces between the window and the storm window, although, if I painted the window it might always be sunny!).
It clouded up today. That is the weather on the coast. Here are the beach pictures. Note that one has some sun and then less than 10 minutes later, the other is foggy. J is the speck near the logs in the last photo. He is walking between two of them. Our maybe he just went over! He was looking for rocks.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Labor Day Blues

Labor Day is done and gone. Moograss is over (FUN experience, I was there on Sunday for the first time ever and it was pretty awesome), S is gone to Eastern Oregon with J, and T is having fun at Basic.
This last letter he said that they experienced a tornado warning (it was kinda cool, they lost half a tree by a barracks!!!), had several really fun lightning storms (we don't really get lightning here on the Oregon Coast), and got dropped off in the middle of the base to do navigation skills. I only wish he could stay there and not get deployed to someplace dangerous!
S and J are learning new things. J keeps saying the school is huge and yellow. There are lots of stairs and a really long wheelchair ramp. He gets tested tomorrow. S is adjusting. It is lots different from TMC. He has to take lots of his work debris back to his parents as there is no room for it at the shop he is in. Between all of us, we have too much stuff.
I am here waiting to get stuff clean and mended. And I need to pack a bit more. I told a friend that my epitah should say 'I need more boxes'. Even if you can't take it with you, it sure helps if it is packed because someone has to move it!
Took J to the beach for his last day. I haven't loaded the photos on the computer, but it was foggy. Every other day was nice, though. Typical.