Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Pictures again!

OK, I am going to try something and play with the pictures. First, we have Memorial Day flag planting. J is in the flannel shirt. (He is always in the flannel shirt or a certain sweatshirt and the same pair of jeans.)

The stone for John is posted because he is a very special person.

The Memorial Day ceremony was the first time I realised that T is going to go in the military. But, also, for the first time, I didn't cry during Taps.

This last picture is for Jake. Mum thought she might like it. Moses caught his first snake this summer. Thankfully, it escaped and was still in pretty good shape. Hopefully, it will eat the carpenter ants that have appeared with the heat. :o)

Dadgum it! I lost the pictures and had to redo them onto the post. So, I hope that they don't show up twice on here!!!!


A few years back THS did the play Some like it Hot....Today in Tillamook, it is HOT. Our house it was 83 and then we left to come to town. I was going to make a cake or cookies, but it is too warm. I might just send snack pack puddings for lunch. G brought up the camper trailor for mum to stay in, except it got down to 38 last night. At least that is what it said it was this morning. We rented Lucille Ball's and Desi Arnes' movie The Long Trailor and the boys loved it. I thought they would!
Not much news so far. I will post pix later. Just wanted to put in a fast update since I was in town.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Mum is here!

Ok, we have been rather busy lately. The second bath is just about done and looks splendiforus!!! T has been ending his HS career and that has been an odd feeling..J is still having to be in school. Graduation is this Friday for THS...Our district is getting out the earliest this year. The last day is the 7th. Nestucca is the 13th or so and Neahkahnie is just a few days earlier than that. At any rate, THS had their last concert of the year (my pix did NOT turn out well from that) and the kids all got their yearbooks and we planted flags at the cemetary for Memorial day. Bible memory is over, we have about 15 kids eligible for camp this year. I am going to get the Jr. Campers set up for Daycamp again this year. I was glad to do it as this is the only year I have not got a set schedule for those youngsters! The theme is knights. Speaking of nights...Good Night! :-)

Monday, May 14, 2007

Just a few more!

The youngsters are in an ivy root that was taken out during T's Eagle project. It appears that ivy is so invasive that is can overtake small children if it is not controlled!!
To be or not to be...no, Hamlet was last week. This week, he is just T in shorts, and a tee, and playing with a sword!
T is with some friends before prom 2007.

Mid May

Phew, as mentioned in my last post, this will update the blog! I am at the library and I LOVE these computers. Well, I like the fact that you can be online at a fast speed for free! It is much more useful than waiting for ages at home. I only wish I had my photos here so I could upload them! Ah well, you can only have so much.
OK, this last Saturday was prom and in the morning T did his Eagle project. I was not impressed at how many persons did NOT come out to help with his project, but we managed to get a great deal done. Trees were planted, trees were 'found' in a midst of blackberries and vines, ivy was uprooted (that stuff is NASTY), and trash was removed. Dr. M even chipped some stuff to put down in the trails. It is an ongoing job and lots more can be done. All of us have blisters and blackberry thorns in our hands. It would have been a great Sr project, too. Now we have to get the paperwork done. That is the hard part!
After we got done there, we went home and I finished up T's jacket for prom. It was pretty fun and I sure hope it gets used again! S. worked on the bath some more. The tile is down and the grout is in. I need to water the grout twice a day, but it should be ok. It looks very nice. I also took lots of grad type photos of T yesterday. Some with his sword, but most with his tux from vocal ensemble. (lots of new news on Mrs Hendersons page!!).
I finally got my herbs planted. The plants were a bit dry, but I think they will survive. I forgot to check them this morning. S had to go to school in PDX, so we were home all alone today. It is hard when he is gone, it appears to be more work.
I have been working a great deal this month in the schools and at the museum. I am very tired and grumpy, but I will be ok. Mum comes down at the end of the month and the best part of that will be having the bathroom done. S cleaned out the tub and I looked at it as it sat in the yard. :-) T is in the tail end of schooling. He is doing the credit recovery class for Geometry from last semester, but may not do so hot in the regular class. I should have not let him take it this semester. If he only passes it.... J is doing ok. His classes are on every end of the spectrum! He still wants us to buy a bari sax, if they weren't so expensive... T dressed up and recited a bit from Hamlet. Gerry got him the clothing, I wish he would have let me get a photo with that outfit on. At least he got a higher grade in English. At least, I hope he did! J has a choir festival this week and a band one later this month. It should be fun!
Speaking of fun, Mattress is over. >sigh< It was a great show and I loved cooking for it. Speaking of which, I need to send out some recipes! For Mattress news, check out Pappycat's Something Spicy is Cooking's page.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Pictures today...post tomorrow!

J is working on T's Eagle Project at 'Down by the Riverside' on the Tillamook River. T is wearing the tux coat I made him (not really a costume Jake, but close!!) for Prom. It is silver sequins. J said you could signal airplanes with it.
Hmmm. I wanted to try to put them side by side, but somehow, it didn't work. At any rate, I will post more tomorrow from the library where it is faster!! Check out Mrs. Henderson's page for more great photos and updates on Choir!!!!!