Friday, June 29, 2007

Not much new.

I am at the neighbor's and she has a much higher speed net now due to a more modern technology. It is way fun to use! Kinda like when I am at the library, but more homey. I am listening and watching about a zillion hummers outside her window feeding from one of her feeders. It is pretty fun. T will be 18 on Monday and we will be going to EO to visit. I will do many more posts after that. TTFN.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Just about July

This flower is called a corn cockle and is poisonous. It think they are rather pretty. The picture had a swallowtail butterfly in it, but I guess it flew off before I snapped it.

It has been ages since my last post. Not sure just why, but there it is. T's friend TK is off to the Army today and T follows soon. It has been nice and sunny, so we have been doing some stuff outside. Lots of flowers are up and stuff is growing nicely (see pix!). Had a court of honor for Scouts and T's Eagle Board of Review is tomorrow night. All in all, it has been a bit busy and fun.
The photo below is a swallowtail on my privet bush. It is a humblebee hide out! There are bees and butterflies and hummers all over it! The last photo is one of my transparent apple tree. I had a photo earlier of T in front of it when it was covered in blossoms (that was a may day post) and this one is of the forming apples. You can see the dying blossoms on the apple end of this full cluster. I probably should have picked three flowers off to make the fourth apple stronger, but it is too much work! The apples make great deer and crow snacks and wonderful applesauce.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Odds and Ends

Mum has been here and we are getting ready to take her to the airport so she can leave this warm, sunny weather! We finally got some time to go and tourist around the area. Here is the Cape Meares Lighthouse and Radar Beach. I also found one of T without his facial hair. His friend decorated his airsoft rifle and they wanted a picture of it!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

More Party Pictures

These first pix are of T shaving with the 'expert' help of a friend from Troop 629 (who is actually younger!). My photo of the final result didn't turn out as well as one taken by a young lady who came to the party. I hope she will share it with me! In the first one we thought he looked a little like Wolverine from X Men.

The next two are on Friday. Goodbyes are so hard..especially when you plan on seeing each other within the next week! All in all, it was great fun and I really enjoyed it.
Something odd is going on. In my draft this page looks much better than it does on the page online. So, those of you reading it will just have to deal with it as I have no idea how to fix it as it does not need fixing in my posts!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Party pictures!

Here are some photos from the party. These were taken on Thursday after the bus dropped off a couple and cars brought up more. I am not going to try to identify them, they are mostly graduated seniors, but there are a few others in there! As you may notice, some of them are of the same people. It just worked out that way.

Portland Floral Parade

How time does fly. I can't believe it is time for the Portland Rose Festival! I haven't gone since I was in college, but it is a definite landmark in the year. You always get better footage while watching it on TV anyway. This year, as it is the 100th year, they are doing bits in a sepia color and then fading back to color. It is pretty cool.

OK, so we have had Graduation, a party, and all kinds of stuff. School is out finally even for J (who is named after King David's friend and one of the older kids in our church--Jonathan Scott). He was glad that he wouldn't have to get up on Friday to go to school. Silly boy. We had a party on Thursday (last day of school for all the underclassman). It was great fun and was more and less than I had anticipated. T (for Tony who is really named for his dad and an old friend of mine) and I expected more kids would come up for the party, but we did NOT anticipate that everyone would spend the night! We ended up with 11 boys sleeping in our living room and the 4 girls who stayed the night slept in Tony's room. I will put pix of that on later.

The next day, Friday, T and I went to Brenton's trial. It was horrid and hard and not fair that it was a beautiful day. Having him in Tillamook will be better. At least we can go and visit him. I promise that we will do that.

Here are some grad pictures. This is T and two of his friends they day after graduation. If the other ones show up again, it is T with Mr. Rhodes (THS principal) and T and his Grandma and Grandpa and Nana.