Thursday, June 26, 2008

Pix of Sunridge and Stuff

OK, here is J's school. In the previous post you saw the front doors. Here is the rest of the building. It is so big!!!!!

You drive up to the school and go around to the front. The domed shape in the second and third pix are one of the gyms. It has solar panels in it and there is a bottom floor, too. That is where the band classes are, the gyms, and the shop classes. 8th grade is at the far end by the domes. Pretty cool, huh? In this last photo, I just noticed that there is a lighter panel of yellow on the wall. That is because it is the color the whole school was supposed to be. Apparently, the school was supposed to fade to the color of wheat. It has been several years and it has not faded yet. The one panel was one that needed replaced or something. The secretary said the school is a landmark for airplanes because it is so yellow!!!

The garden photos are from last week. Dot and I picked some strawberries today and ate them warm from the sun. YUMMY. It all needs water! My chamomile looks great and my lavendar is sprawling all over. Some stuff did not do well, some stuff did.

And last, but not least, here is a more Teddy looking Teddy. Although, I think the peroxide from the de-scenting mix bleached him a tad.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Jake's a Genius!

These are all retro photos because I finally discovered that I had a nose on my face. Which means, my sister told me how to get the photos off the camera onto the computer. It was very easy. (shakes head in chagrin).

J at SMS in Pendleton. He is just inside the door in the first photo. In the second spotty photo you see most of his HUGE jazz band. And yes, there are flutes in there. J is by the speaker. The last one is his award for being the only bass woodwind or whatever he was. (see earlier post)

Dot's iris before the wind blew them over and the rain hammered them into the ground.

Next photos are of the house again! See you soon!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

House Pictures (Finally!)

We don't have the camera stuff, but you can get pix on a disk! So, we did. Here is our house:
544 N 3rd.

This is the back..I forgot to take any of the front yard! (I am sorry that some of these are sideways. Not sure how to fix that on a disk photo.) This is only one part of the yard. Please note that like some mirrors, objects in frames are closer than they appear.

Steps leading from yard to house or house to basement and yard. Pix of scary basement, in second frame.

The one room with the chairs is the living room, which leads into the dining room. The dining room is the greenish one. That room leads into the short hall that goes into the pink bath, J's room, and another hall to the left. That tiny hall leads to either the l (outside to the deck that will be our bedroom/bath) or r (upstairs-pix will follow.).
It will be lots of work and when it is done we will have a home to be really proud of. We keep telling ourselves that!!!! I have been cleaning the mice mess in the kitchen appliances!
Not much reading being done. Pretty amazing, huh???? Did some gardening today, planted some plants we brought from Tillamook. I think they will be very happy!!!