Saturday, March 31, 2007

Last Act

Oh, boy. J and S and T went with their Scout Troop to go camping on Friday. Later that night J came back home with an earache. So, this morning I called the dr to see what to do now. However, I did not realise until 900pm that I had called the wrong dr!!!!! I am so mortified. :-(
At any rate, we'll get a new scrip on Sunday and see him on Monday afternoon. How awful! I have two dresses to sew, it should take me most of the night, but as I am the only one home..with a sick should be ok. I have some other chores, too. Like the dog and making a fire in the woodstove and so on and so forth.
It has been a strange spring break. Weather wise it has been nasty and nice. Today, in particular, it misted, rained, and was sunny. Now it is cold. 35 degrees. J has been mostly well, until last night, and T has been busy and not as sick as he was. S is doing his usual, but he did go camping this weekend. Not sure if he was really needed. There are 5 boys and 4 grown men. Go, figure. Well, at least I got some weeding done! And then to have it mist on top of the newly stirred soil, well, that was wonderful. (unless of course, you were camping!)
This pic is one that J took last Sunday of our river as seen from the car!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Scene Change

I am tired. We all went to the Glenn Miller Orchestra concert and it was fabulous. I thought it was more fun last year, but the boys really enjoyed it. The kids in OZ made desserts and stuff for intermission and after the program. And we didn't make much money. We ended up buying lots from Costco because we were told we would need more treats. Well, we didn't. So, now I have scads of sugar in the freezer awaiting the cast party. I didn't bring home much cheesecake, but I sent some to work with S! Hope they like it.

My poppy seed cake was yummy, but I did see a whole piece in the trash. S thought my Patricia Wrede cake was odd tasting. That was probably the molasses. It is kind of an unusual taste for chocolate cake. I brought a bunch of my stuff home for eating. I think I won't bake again until Friday!

I need to sew the dress for Mattress. I have less than two weeks to start and finish it. Hope I have time to cut it out tomorrow! I know I will on Friday. I also have to do T's costume. Too much to do and so little time. There is a quote about that. I will have to look it up and post it when I find it.
The cats are Maxwell T. Silverstone and Moses. They were actually getting along and I had to snap the photo!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Spring Break Act 2 Scene 3

I am just going to try something. :-)

Hot Dog!!! It worked. I had trouble with the, I just went back to Explorer.

This is a basket of spring. My neighbor, Ann, made the blue bird. She is a potter by trade. My friend, Karen, gave me the pot last year in Feb and it still is coming up blossoms! Only one set of primroses didn't survive. I paired the pot with the double daffodills that are planted under the apple tree. Cool, huh?

March 27

It is the day after mum's birthday. I called last, not because I forgot..but because I washed my hands and then forgot. I had written a note on my hand to call her and then made supper and washed dishes and then when T came home we watched the musical Once upon a Mattress and then it was late. (what a run on sentence!) But, I did think of her. :-)
It has been a busy break so far. After we got the kids back to their respective homes, we started the break stuff. T has meetings and rehearsals all week and then tomorrow night we are going to go to the Glenn Miller concert. That will be AWESOME. Last year they met with the band kids and worked with them for a bit. J would LOVE to do that, but as it is spring break they will not be doing that. Maybe we can meet with them early as we are bringing intermission snacks to help support the Drama group. I am making Patricia Wrede's Quick after Battle Chocloate Cake, some Poppysee bars, and Pumpkin cake bars. It should be lots of fun.
OH, the best news ever! Tamora Pierce is coming to the Oregon Coast and we are going to go to Newport and see her!!! Yipee!
Might post more later.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Spring Break, the first act

Well, Spring Break is on and it is WET. Spring has sprung a leak and it is nasty outside. T was going to camp with some friends. NOT. They are here, playing video games and hanging out. That is ok by me, I did wash and dry a bunch of clothes for them, as they tried to go out and play for a bit today. They got totally soaked! Had a ball with the potato cannon they made from online directions.
J has an earache and T and his friends are all coffing and hacking and full of gick and sore throats, so it is just as well they are not camping. I have a cold, too. I thought it was spring allergies (and it might be), but I feel much better today. I slept a lot and stayed inside. Rain tends to make allergy stuff lie still.
Have been doing lots of cooking, I like cooking for people. Not fancy stuff, just good, yummy stuff. Banna bread, chicken, tiny english muffin pizzas, and stuff like that. :-)
I was given the week off so kids could work instead (I don't mind). I like the paychecks, but rather like being home, too. S wanted to stay home today and work on the bathroom, but ended up driving kids all over the place. Actually, part of it was a detour he took. He got a bit lost in the hills. I laughed.
Found out posting pics cannot be done. We need to update our old browser and the pix I put on earlier was done on the old blogger. At any rate, our puter is so aged and our speed is so slow, it was determined the best thing to do is purchase a whole new puter and go that route. Bummer, huh? Ah, well. I didn't really want to sit in front of the puter for 9 or more hours uploading stuff and making sure that the connection stayed on!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

After St Pat's

Since my last published post that ended up in cyberspace, the family has been busy. THS did ok at the Speech Tourney. We got 4th, but T does not get to go to State. I was not surprised. He was pretty tired after the basket ball playoffs. That 5am to midnight run was a bit daunting. Those teams did pretty well, the girls got 6th and the boys 3rd.
At this time, I am making about a zillion cookies for the band concert tonight. The first batch was interesting, this last one was good..except I kept forgetting how long to leave them in the oven! A friend of mine and I were in charge of contacting parents to bring cookies, but we forgot. :o)
Last night was the choir concert. Our THS choirs are pretty good. (See Under Mrs. Henderson's choir page. T is on it. They sang a silly song about chicken. T had a 'solo' during it. At the end, he did a very convincing cluck, but everyone was already clapping because they thought the song was over. J had some trouble, too. He has to wear a tie, but we don't use ties in our family. He is too large for a clip on, so we got him a lovely one with music notes on it. (he insisted)When he got to school, a couple of the boys helped put it on him, but it was pressing on his necklace and was uncomfortable. So, he moved the tie and pulled out his necklace. However, when he got up on stage (the tallest boy, in the center of the risers, and very obvious) it was twisted over to almost under his ear! I couldn't do a thing about it. But, T has a lot of friends in the choir (who were sitting in the front rows) and consequently, they know J. Thus, several of them caught his attention and on the count of three, mimed moving a tie. So, it was put in a better position. The funniest part was that out of the three boys, two checked on their ties when that happened!
I will get our browser updated so I can post pix again. Until later, have a great spring break! Ours is next week!!!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

March 8

The boys' choir teacher suggested that her favorite day was March 4..because when she asked the kids what day it was and they responded March 4, she would start marching all over the room. J liked the joke, T said it was lame. Note, one is 13 and one is a SR.
Well, both teams are at state as I type. The boys are doing very well and the girls lost today is a rough game. Rough because the girls weren't as good as usual. Unfortunately, the pep band has to leave at 545 am tomorrow for a 9 am game and their next game is not until 815pm. Thus, they get home at midnight. Ewwww.
Saturday is speech districts. More on that as it happens. I am very sleepy, so not much news to post. Stuff is going on, but too tired to post it! (Oh, it was so lovely on Tuesday that I wore shorts and a tee!! I hung out my hummingbird feeder and my garden is loverly. Especially with the mylar streamers blowing in the breeze and reflecting the sunshine.)

Friday, March 02, 2007

In like a lamb

So far, March seems to be coming in like a lamb. Lots of gentle spring mists. The kind that get you soaked when you stay outside for more than 5 minutes.
I got the bird feeders all cleaned and set up. No birds yet, but they are still probably nervous becuase the cats like to jump on the feeders. Maxwell, the gray one, likes to sleep on the feeder in the summer. (I think he thinks it is cooler) So, much of the year, we have to keep the feeders empty.
Moses went with us to town today. He was not totally impressed, but he did ok. He really is getting big. When we went to the shop, several people commented on his size and it dawned on me then that he is a big cat. Very sturdy. He is a bit of a bully, too. I am trying to add a pix of Moses andMax in one of their good moments! We'll see if it works.
Tillmook Boys won their game tonight, so they are for sure going to state. The girls play tomorrow night. It will be a busy day with Good Will Good Turn for Scouts in the morning and the game in the afternoon. Collecting and bagging stuff for GWGT is a lot of work, but it is fun, too. I have an idea that I might 'run' it next year. We'll see.
Made cookies and a cake today. Then realised the house was 77 degrees and decided to turn off the stove and turn down the woodstove!!! Watched the Count of Monte Cristo tonight. It is a fun movie. But, I did like Cats! better! I think that T's Lion costume might look a bit like Rum Tum Tugger's and a bit like Old Duet's. It should be fun.