Sunday, March 27, 2016

Last Weekend of March

 Tun of Ironcat.
Kila seems to be an easy mark to laugh at!
Steve made me a trellis for one of my rose bushes. It isn't quite done yet, but I was excited! It will be nice to have the roses on a real trellis instead of one of the many make shift ones I've created over the years. 


 Jon was annoyed. He had an idea for a trellis made from metal. However, the cardboard cat below is also a project he is working on. He's been toying with that since around Christmas (or earlier!). I was glad Steve got his mostly done, my rosebush really needs staked. It is tearing up the tulips planted under it!
Saturday was full of emotions and activities. In the morning, Jon was down at the park for the AVFD Easter egg hunt. (Athena Volunteer Fire Dept--see link) In the afternoon Jon was a part of an honor guard in a memorial service. The service was for the young man at the end of the second row of boys from the bottom (below Jon's left shoulder). Kyle Teater. Approximately 30 Scouts, former Scouts, and leaders attended. I wished Kyle could have seen how many people his life changed. It made me remember how important it is to love those around you now and not regret you didn't make time for them. When I start to regret, I love those near me more. 
April 2009

 We watched 'Big Hero Six' as a family and then watched the end of 'Real Genius'. Jon decided 'Real Genius' was more plausible. I enjoyed the former movie, it was cute. The latter movie? I'll watch it over and over!

 It appears there was a spot of turmoil in the doll world last night. Mrs. Klein and Amethyst were NOT sitting neatly next to the giant pillow this morning. I can only imagine what might have taken place.
 Easter Sunday has always been a fun day. When we were kids, Janet and I would hide dyed eggs over and over and over. They were played with til their shells were in bits! I remember looking for Easter baskets and finding one of mine one year safely lodged in the dishwasher. That was the year mum got us Trixie Belden. We used to dye and hide eggs and baskets for the boys. With Jon doing eggs by the dozen, we now do things a bit smaller. And place treats in chairs or on place mats. Steve ordered me the watch I wanted and I had him give it to me today. It was on my dresser. I was glad he had an old Ford watch container for it, I might not have found it with all my necklaces and earrings scattered everywhere!  I had picked up a Tshirt for Steve and a camo seat cover for Jon's Bronco (not sure it will work....). While I was out and about, I found these lovely cats. I was NOT going to get them, they were a pair and we didn't need anymore nick nacks. BUT, after dithering for quite a while, I brought them home.
 Moses doesn't seem too bothered by them! As long as he can have his 'paper' to sit on!
 I've been enjoying the rest of this Sunday making dinner. I created a couple of salads--which are tangy. I used my own recipe and NOT Pearl Burras' (Greater Tuna, TX). Jon thinks it is pretty funny. I've also made cookies (I was such a vegetable the last couple of weeks!). I was startled to find a baby alien in the last batch I pulled from the oven. I'm sure he'll taste just fine accompanied by a glass of milk.

Sunday, March 20, 2016


I love the purples in spring. Violets and vinca crowded together in a corner of my yard.  
This is one of many narcissus I was given from the Coppock yard. 

 Steve did most of the lawn, Jon said he'd do the rest. I picked violets before the guys trimmed them off. Many of my volunteer flowers were about 2 and half inches tall!!!
 I smiled when I found hearts in my yard. The cement rhubarb leaf lost the 'tip', but next to the mass of rose geranium, it doesn't look too bad!

Steve also decided to take the warm dry days this weekend to work on the fence. 
 He had help. (Jeremy came over first, then a young man showed up, after a bit the boy's grandpa stopped by.)