Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fabulous Fall Fun! (or what I did while the guys went deer hunting)

I saw someone post a fall wreath on FB and when I clicked the image, it looked very pretty and fun. It was made with Japanese Lantern flowers and other assorted fall decor. I googled more images and saw the prices on some of them and decided, "hey, I can do this!" So, I gathered up a bunch of materials.
 On the table you can see the grapevine wreath (which I have had around for ages!), some 'berries' on metal wires (also things I've had for ages), Japanese Lanterns (which grow in my yard and are a very unusual and interesting plant), some poplar stems with changing leaves (from the front yard), ribbon, Calendula (which is a flower I grow for the herbal properties and dries very nicely), hops (which I are growing EVERYWHERE this year!), and pheasant feathers (which had been in the window for several years gathering dust). Under the hops you may see some purple plums. I did not use those in my wreath project. I was going to use pods from the dollar plants, but decided it might be too much.
 I twisted the hops around the vine and was impressed at how it looked. As the leaves die, I'll snip them off, if needed. I then clipped up my Japanese Lanterns and stuck those in the wreath. I didn't use any glue and only a few wires--I reckon if it falls apart, it will be time for a different holiday decoration! I then added the poplar leaves and Calendula. The bead berries looked nice, but I had to add one more thing. It is a tad overdone, but the feathers are for my teen. He has always wanted me to use them somewhere and now I have!

All in all, I think it turned out pretty well. And hanging it outside was an added benefit since the hops are covered with juices and aphids, the Calendula always have tiny bugs in them (those are a very sticky flower), the hops and lanterns were also cobwebby, and the feathers were a bit scraggly since they had been in the laundry room for a very long time and had also been used as cat toys! I can totally see why someone would purchase these things from a craft store. Although, I did compost what didn't get used.