Sunday, August 22, 2010

Last weekend of summer vacation-mom's photos

Jon has wanted for ages to camp up on the ranch, so for the last weekend of summer vacation, we did! We only stayed up there one night, but with all the dust blowing around making us sneeze, it was long enough. Next time, I'll bring more tissue or take allergy meds and we can stay longer!

Jon, never a child to travel the beaten track, took the road less traveled to get to the pond..needless to say, it was very adventurous! The first photo does not do justice to the ruts, rocks, and washouts we encountered! I am not even sure what trees we started between. The second photo was the path we should have taken!

We got up to the area a little late in the day for much activity, but Jon unloaded the wee boat and took it out on the pond. Yes, that is a pond. We forgot the rake to use on the rather aggressive weeds choking it! Next time! Steve and I took a walk and found a couple of the willow trees he planted. The deer had eaten them, so we collected the wire holders and will plant some more next spring.
Speaking of deer, this was one of 4 or 5 bucks we saw. It is a grainy picture as they were about 100 yards away or so. At one time we saw in a row points of 4, 3, 2, and spike buck! So, we know they are there, just gotta wait for hunting season. We are hoping they stick around!!!

The next morning we were awakened very early by a cow alarm! In a city you have car the woods, cow! They had finally gotten out of the grass where they spent the night to come down to the pond for a drink. On the good side, because they broke the fence we were able to go for a night walk in the CRP (Conservation Reserve Program-for farming areas that are not able to be farmed anymore). The Toyota is where Jon spent his night. Tents are not a good idea here due to the cows. The ground is really torn up and there are 'pies' all over the place!

One of the things we did on Saturday was go to the 'upper place'. It is totally amazing up there and I learned that this is where the guys sight in their rifles. And after a bit of a hike, that is what Jon did.

We got back to camp for a spot of relaxation and some lunch. Jon had with him approved camp out reading, especially nice for use in a kit bashed together hammock! (rope over 20 years old is not good hammock rope!) Lunch was hobo veggies and pork steaks. I had forgotten the salt and pepper, but BBQ sauce worked very well along with the Ranch dressing. Steve added a side of Mtn Dew to his.

We were planning on doing another longer hike, but I was very sneezy by this time and since the cows were out of the CRP, they decided to fix the fence (note, they are not our cows. the owner rents the land for them). It was a lot more work than they had thought it might be!

On the way back home, Jon had to take a 'vista' shot of the world below us. It is pretty incredible what you can see and my next blog will be the same weekend, only from Jon's point of view!

I did bring a book-NEVER go anywhere without one! And was able to read one of Tamora Pierce's books about Tortall (Protector of the Small-Squire).

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Camping on the Umatilla

The first weekend in August, Jon went on a Scout camp out up the Umatilla River. The most unusual thing happened on the way up, they were stopped by GOATS! He had to take the pic thru a window, so it was not as nice as it could have been.

But, after the goats and a bit more of a drive, they reached their destination. Home sweet home for the weekend!

While up there, Jon found all kinds of critters! Here are just a few of them!

Aren't they fun!!!??

Trees are so amazing! And the second one is a bridge the boys fixed up after it fell apart (they camp up here often) and I was told it survived this last winter.

One of the things Jon was annoyed about was the fishing. It was above the hatchery and they were tiny, he was swimming with them and none of them was 'bigger than my hand.' So, he caught and ate crawdads! Fried in oil after boiling (because by the time they were all cracked out the critters were all they recooked 'em!). Everyone tried some and no one died, so Jon figgers he was a pretty good cook!

Missing the Tillamook Fair this weekend. There are some GREAT photos on Face Book if you are interested! And THS VE is going to sing the National Anthem at the demo derby tonight!