Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring, sprang, sproing.

Yup, we did have spring and then it vanished. We do have some crocus trying to insist that the days are getting warmer, but we got some snow which makes it hard to believe. But, because of the snow, I was able to get a photo of my border made of International Harvester roatary hoe wheels. I will put up a photo of them on a rig this summer when we can get to the Mtn Ranch where there is one parked. Anyway, this side of the garden hasn't any rocks for decor, so I thought these might look nice. They do, however, they blend in very well, which makes them hard to see. They are also very heavy and fall over, so I need to come up with some sort of idea to hold them up. The tines stick in the dirt, but I can't put them in far enough without losing the idea of the sea stars.
Before the snow, we did have some excitement from home. Mum, for her birthday, got a volcano! Visit this site for some great photos. I particularly like the lightning one from March 27, 2009. You click the information for Redoubt and then images and then you have to choose the date. It is cumbersome, but as you travel through the net you will see some excellant photos of Mt. Redoubt and the ash clouds. Along with mum, an Oregon friend had a birthday, too. Here is the cake I made them.... Happy Birthday, Mum and Jennifer!
There was going to be a heart of candles on the side, but didn't get that far!!!! LOL. Chocolate fudge and chocolate chips and chocolate fudge frosting. Gotta love Pillsbury!!!

And last but not least, my crocus! I can't wait til they start to multiply!
Doing some eclectic reading..just picking up any old book when I finish one and need a new one!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring! or the Pros and Cons of weed barrier.

It has been lovely this week. In spite of the fact that Jon started out this week by being very sick, things are much better now. It has been nice and spring like and stuff has been popping out like crazy. I first had to read The Secret Garden (In honor of spring and Mrs. Downs!) and while I was doing that, I decided to edge our front sidewalk. You know, our sidewalk is bigger than I thought! And it has a mess of cracking that needs fixed, but I am so glad I planted the bulbs back as far as I did, without the grass, they are much closer to the sidewalk!

Moses saw me taking a photo and wanted something from me and Max is just a scaredy cat and likes to hide under the porch. I also fixed the edges around my gardens that fell over this winter. They need something else, but I am not sure what. They are not entirely even, but they ARE upright!

In the back yard we had a problem. Weed barrier is very good to keep out the weeds and for growth of large worms, but not so good for plants that like to spread.
I had a bunch of iris that I discovered were growing on TOP of the barrier, so I divided them and replanted them. I should have done it last fall, but was not paying attention. I also found something that looks like a calla lily. There were two trying to grow through the barrier
I felt so sorry for them, that I moved them, too. And then after school, Jon and I went out and got me a 'fence'. I will show you a more completed picture of that particular yard arrangement later.

Am now reading Alaska books. Read House Upon a Rock, even if it is a bit early for it and am on Watch for a Tall White Sail.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

In like a Lamb/Lion?

So, what is your verdict? I was thinking it was a bit more lamb like and then we got snow! It was a very big surprise, but it did make the flowers stand out better!

I like seeing how these brave yellow pieces of the sun show up in the most unlikely places. In Tillamook I have photos of them shining forth, covered in snow. And then there is my favorite memory picture from after a flood and there were bright spots of color reflecting in the muddy water just inches below the bloom. They are spring. So, it is on the slow as it seems over here in the NW.

Also was able to get a couple of fun cat photos. They held their wrestling move long enough for one shot, but not two! the little paper ball is one of Moses toys, but they were wrestling because Moses jumped Maxwell. He does that often.

We spent today traveling to a place near La Grande. I had gone up that direction last spring with Karen H and it was a lot different. Now there is snow and it was really cold. We got to go to a gun show and saw some friends. For me, that was the VERY best part, seeing Donnie and Noelle, I mean. We spent time with them eating at a fun restaurant and it was wonderful. (They were in Baker for a basket ball tourney. ) We have photos of Steve and Jon with the new loot. However, as Steve had changed and his shirt was dirty, I will not post the photos here for anyone to see. Those who are interested can email me, if I don't email you first! And I will send the pictures to everyone..Not ANYONE, but everyone!!! (A semantic distinction.) Below is Tony's newest toy. I do not know what it is other than a german something or other. And there you go.
Reading some new Mercedes Lackey books!

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Dumpster Diving

One of our neighbor's was in the process of moving to a much smaller house. The lady was older and newly single, so the house was basically stripped of all the belongings and they were tossed. After several days, Jon was about to go bonkers seeing all that stuff ready to be picked up by the garbage truck, so he and Steve did an after dark visit. It was amazing. This garbage crate was over full and the two managed to find several interesting items.

I particularly liked this shelf unit. Steve liked this stereo Jon brought home for his room and Jon likes the little crossbow, which reminds me a great deal of Disney's Three Musketeers (non animated one). All in all, it reminded me of a great old children's book called Junk Day on Juniper Street. Which is actually what happens in July during Caledonian Days. Every yard has a sale going on!!!

They also found a smaller working bike with gears, a hand held dirt devil with all the recharger stuff that is practically perfect, and assorted other items. I don't understand why they did not just call Salvation Army and tell them to come out at a certain time for a pick up. (was this a sign or our times? When one tosses instead of passing it on? Landfills r Us?) They tossed furniture, bed that was very pretty out of black colored metal, but I had no real use for. On further reflection, it would have been neat for my yard. I have always wanted a garden bed! Ah, well...maybe another time.

Later in the week we had snow again. It was really pretty and I decided that my weather rock mom sent needs another legend. If rock is covered in white crystals, you've got snow!
I guess if I could not have snow for my birthday, at least I got some for my niece's birthdays! Which are days apart at the END of Feb. Now for spring, right?
Have 3 more Anne books to read and then off to springier books. Unless I am wishful thinking!