Sunday, October 28, 2007

PFC S Hansell

T sent some photos to a friend and she got the negs to me at the THS Fall concert. T will be at the same address (see Mrs. Henderson's Choir blog) until the first week of December. Then, he will be coming back to Oregon. (YIPPEE!) These photos were taken during the weekend after they 'graduated' from basic at the end of September. They had a weekend leave and they took it! Finishing that weekend, they went back to FT Knox and will be completing their IET (Initial Entry) course November 15. After that they continue at Ft Knox for Stryker training, which will end in December. Phew! So, here he is. (They were shown around THS, so anyone from there already saw these and many more!)

I call this last one "FEED ME!" a direct quote from Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Wonderful Days

Well, it has stopped raining and is absolutely lovely outside. I would post some pictures, but they are still on the camera. I will get around to it eventually.
Went to the THS fall concert last night. It was great fun. (see Mrs. Henderson's site) Kristen played a couple of great trumpet solos and they also had a young lady play violin for a couple of songs. There were a lot of people there and even a few 2007 graduates. One of the girls that T has been writing to brought me negatives to some pictures which I got to look at! I will post a few of them as soon as I get my scanner back. I am so annoyed that I decided to pack the scanner. I don't really know what I was thinking. I miss that more than I miss my cold weather clothes! I will pick up the photos tomorrow and will most likely get the scanner this weekend. Unless S forgets it. (He'd better not!)
T's letter this week had enclosed in it a sharp shooter medal. He gave it to J as he said he had gotten a new one! J was incredibly impressed and wrote T a letter, finally. He actually typed it on my old electric typewriter! He is so retro. He also loves record players (they are very interesting machines). I will let people know when he (T) will come home. He is still not sure when he will land where ever.
Note: I can see why single persons eat frozen foods so often. Meals for one are kinda boring to eat (although, a good book helps them go down better!) and hard to make!
Book of the day: Alta by Mercedes Lackey.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Busy, busy, busy.

J and S were here last weekend. It was loads of fun, except I have been sick with a cold since then. In spite of that, I have been subbing and am booked for all of next week. J helped to several things while he was here. One of them was driving my car (bribery) to help take some wood to the neighbor's. S is practically almost done with the bath. No dancing in the streets yet.
S did J's parent teacher conferences (I was very proud of him) and J is doing very well. He has 8 classes and is getting 5 A's, 2 B's, and one C-. The C- is mostly because he just doesn't turn in the work. His last test in that class (pre algebra) was an A- and it was a good thing he got that. His grade before that was a D-! Not sure about all those minus grades. I haven't had a teacher give those in ages. S said J's band teacher couldn't say enough about how wonderful a student J was. He said his prior teachers in music gave him an excellant grounding and he would love to make clones of him!!! (I don't think so!!!!!!!!) He said J is always aware of where he is in the music, pays close attention, and shows great understanding in class. So, Kudos to Mrs. Henderson and Mr. C for forming another musician! He is even playing louder, which I believe is Bethany's kudo (she gave him a few lessons before school started).

Other than that, if you are in Tillamook, you know it is raining cats and dogs. Nope, I take that back. It is saber tooth tigers and Mastedons! It has been really windy (both of our for sale signs were blown over!) here and T is experiencing Tornado warnings and watches in Ft Knox.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Trying to do something and not sure how it is working. This blog is only a test.

I was trying to post a profile picture. I wanted the one I finally have on there. The other is NOT a self portrait..J took the picture and there is a dog in it. However, the dog was not impressed about having his photo taken and I cropped him out of it. So, that is all this blog is. Just a test. And a rather good one at that!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Sew much fun!

Well, I don't have any cool costumes to make, but look what I got from a friend!!!!! I am going to make her some curtains. S wasn't impressed. He didn't know what I needed another one for! I only have 3, I have a friend who collects them..but I am not sure how many she has either. Several, though. This machine is a White and looks pretty simple. Not like my Husky, but hey, I am going to have FUN. The fabric is for her curtains.

J and S are coming home tonight, so I should have more interesting things to chat about after this weekend. (although, the pigs were pretty funny!) J has said he is going to put the wood stove back together for me (those little brick things inside come out!!) and S is finally going to finish the bathroom! (Dancing will commence in the streets upon completion!)

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Esio Trot-ter??

Not sure how many of you have read that clever story by Roald Dahl, Esio Trot? Well, today I kept thinking of it, even though we have nary a tortoise in the neighborhood. Although, we just might and we haven't seen it yet!

It has been a misty rainy sort of weekend (the week was just rainy and stormy in spots) and one has to continue doing chores in spite of the weather. So, I did a bunch of errands and got some supplies to do a few things and came home. I managed to get soaked while arranging Teddy's dog house (we have to leave him outside now as it will be easier for the realtors to get in when I am not home.) and ran into a few difficulties. I couldn't find the zip ties..they were much higher than I could easily reach, but I managed. I couldn't find the staple gun..I finally got it off the highest shelf by climbing on a milk crate and stretching. When I got it down, it needed staples and so, back up on the shelf I went. Eventually, it was done and I came inside to dry off and change clothes. Then the neighbor came over. He is selling a cord of wood for us and wanted to load it on his truck. So, I got my wet things back on and started to help. However, we got some unusual visitors while we were loading wood. It wasn't the little pig that stayed home or the little pig that had roast beef, it was probably the little pig who went to market and got lost on the way and the one who went wee wee wee..but didn't go home (I am betting he is the one with the collar). Pigs are very cute, but rather tough on yards. They are like little roto tillers and I had to stop helping our neighbor and keep chasing them from my yard and our other neighbor's yard. Then, Teddy was inside and very upset about these odd looking creatures in the yard..and he got out. Oddly enough, he saw a dog and forgot the pigs for the moment. I finally caught him and put him back in the house (this time I closed the door firmly) and after much longer, the pigs were finally corralled by a lady down the road and taken back to her home. Where I hope they stay!
Yesterday was not fun either. I decided, as it was the nicest day in the next 5, to primer the door. It needed done ages ago, but sadly it wasn't. So, I did it. It wasn't hard until I tried to put the knobs back in. Very bad idea to take knobs out. Especially if you close the door. In order to open it I had to put the knob partially back. (I hadn't taken the little latchy thing out) They are in now, but not as well as they were..which may be why Teddy was able to get out this afternoon. Unless, I just forgot to close it. That could be the correct answer.

So, Jake, I hope this sastisfies your cravings for news. I definitely hope I don't get a day like this for a very long time!