Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Cheeseburger Bombs or Another Way to Cook Burger

This was a recipe I found via FB. Bacon Cheeseburger Bombs and since they looked like fun, I thought I would try it! I didn't have some of the ingredients the recipe called for (note: does anyone EVER have the exact ingredients called for in recipes and doesn't everyone change things?) and so I adapted. I used beef that is the yummiest stuff ever ground (the family adds bacon!) and it is remarkably lean. Then, added a Ragu garlic cheese sauce for the cream cheese and a whole egg. I didn't have biscuits..but that is normal. So, I made some and rolled them out thin. I didn't quite get 10, but the tiny one in the middle counts, right?

 Once again blogger has taken my sideways pic and made it vertical again-I really need to figure out how to fix that!
 I was wondering if the bottoms would leak-and there was a tiny bit of juices that escaped, but for the most part, they stayed whole and turned out rather nice.
However, as the kid said as he was eating them, "These are just those Wellington's in a biscuit!" And, he is right. I used different ingredients than I did for the Wellingtons (am sure I did a blog for that in spring 2012....), but they are very similar. And just as filling! The Wellingtons use croissant rolls, so they make a flakier and fancier burger dinner. However, the biscuits are nice and we decided next time I should put cheese on both the top of the meat mixture AND the bottom. They will also make very tasty rounds for a fast breakfast if I use sausage burger.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Rivers and Trees, OH MY! (On the Wilson River!)

I believe this is Dorman Pond. An 8-acre pond west of Forest Grove at the junction of Hwy. 
8 and Hwy. 6. It always has fisherpeople there (although, this particular Friday all I saw were geese). 

 I believe this falls is called Bridge Creek Falls. One of the prettier spots to visit-if you don't forget to stop! It is easy to miss this place, but there is a good parking area.
 I took several photos of trees, roots, rocks, moss, and mud. These are the things I miss about the Oregon Coast!
 This irritates me-I can't move it the right way. So, you don't get the proper view of these incredible trees near the falls.
 Further down the Wilson River is another pull out. I loved the views I got from this spot! Tumbling water, pools, currents, and even some falls.

I kept waiting for a deer or other critter to pop out and sun themselves (am pretty sure people use this spot for sunning!). I was going to stop at the Forestry Center, but it closed JUST as I drove past it. Next time I'll stop!

Rivers and Trees, OH MY! (Trask River Rd)

I got a chance to drive up the Trask and only went to mile 6 before I realised I still needed to get to Bay City before dark! 
 I was impressed my car still knew how to drive on the road~it wasn't in very bad shape, but it was odd. I think it was because the trees have all gotten taller!!! I miss these curving turns and squishy roads. On one side is the river and the other side is often an embankment.
 One of the fishing spots on the river. This one, I believe, is called The Dam Hole. It was fairly overgrown since fishing season hasn't started yet.

 It was strange having to go down to the river to get a picture of Daniel's Rock. This is the rock we used to keep an eye on during floods-if it was covered up, we knew it was gonna be pretty bad in town. We used to see it fairly well from the road, but as I mentioned earlier, the trees are much taller than they used to be.
This is Daniel's Creek, which used to flood down the hill and cause slides. It seems to be a much more manageable creek today. There was sign of high water since the week before these photos Tillamook was blessed with a downpouring of 9 or so inches all at once!