Thursday, October 22, 2015

An Orange Cat in Autumn

Moses is a very photogenic feline. These pictures would look much better as a slideshow, but he does fairly well in singles. 

 It was at this point in his fall bathing, he realised Maxwell was sleeping under a bush in the sunshine. Resenting this, Moses moved not so stealthily his direction, and appropriated Max's napping nook.
 Maxwell T. Silverstone, older than Moses and less obnoxious, wandered off to commune with a plastic cat figurine. Who was much more appreciative of the mature wisdom of Max and allowed  him to chew on the grasses growing nearby.
Max didn't like me butting in either. I tried to give him some catmint, but the sneaky shadow ran away from me and hid. Moses came and got the herbal treat. I guess Max is only going to accept me being back from Alaska as long as I am covered in polar fleece and providing a location to sleep.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

I'll be back!

Connie and her mom picked me up out north and on our way into Kenai we stopped and I was able to say goodbye to Daddy. Janet and JaLeen and Mom also stopped at the Kenai Sr Center and I was able to tell them goodbye again. 
 When we finally left the housing center where Connie's mom lives, the sky was putting on a light show of epic proportions.
 The mouth of the Kenai in muted hues. The trip to ANC was pretty dark, it is October, after all!!!
 The next morning I went outside to take photos of this cool tree. It is a fir like tree (I can't remember what Connie said it was!), but it loses the leaves every fall like a normal leafy tree. Was told on the plane (by my seatmate) they are ridiculous trees in the winter.

 Later, we met with Mya and I got to drop by a bookstore for some presents and then we went out to eat. The Rustic Goat is a great place for a last meal..I think it would make a great place for ANY meal. This delicious platter had all kinds of tasty meats and cheeses on it. The blueberry one in back was really yummy!!! I ate most of the salmon...such a snob am I!
 Connie ordered a beet salad. Mya said it was good, but I was skeptical. She was right! I had a slider, but the photo didn't turn out very well.
At the airport, Mya took a photo with the three of us and Connie helped me get to checked in. I had twenty minutes til boarding. But, it didn't matter, the plane stayed on the tarmac for about 40 more. I think I cried off and on til we lifted off and the mountains were hidden by the clouds. It is a wrench to leave Alaska...every single time. Due to the leaving late from ANC, my SeaTac time was very short and when I got to that counter (transit train and all), I had 10 minutes to catch my breath. The flight to Walla Walla made up for it. In spite of the bit of turbulence, we got there 10 minutes early!! 

So, this ends the 2015 trip to Alaska. 

Friday, October 09, 2015

Upon the Waters

When you cast your bread upon the waters, it is supposed to come back to you. I always thought this was a strange proverb. Living on the ocean, seeing the bread come back is disgusting. However, this parable (in a nutshell) means what you give, you will receive in abundance. The reflections of the blessings people this summer have given will be returned in diamonds and roses. 
Because of those connections that exist (you know the Kevin Bacon kind, well, this is the North Kenai kind!), we were able to get the huge containers in mom's yard emptied. My sister works at the pool. A friend from HS came to the pool with her mom. My sister mentioned what was going on. My friend, Connie, found some missionaries from her church (and some younger kids and their dad) who volunteered their time. 
 Then, from mom's church we got Bob. He is an incredible asset in so many many ways!!!
 And Randall Pippin, Alaskan Toyman, also was there. Rand is absolutely the best. He is very good at fixing almost any problem you may have in your house from siding to electricity to plumbing and more. He makes a delectable smoked salmon and wonderful wooden toys, as well. For some reason, kids adore  him.
 The hard working guys from Mizera's filled the containers and due to complications, they could not come back to empty them. The basement isn't quite done, but Rand (who will put in the heaters when they get to the house) made sure the perimeter around the stuff was adequate.

Then, Barry Wheeler's son (yea....I felt very old!!) came out to get the containers. Their vacancy left a bit of a depression in the yard. So, today, Scott Tollof came out to smooth things down. It was a wonderful end to a rather tumultuous summer! 

 Now, when mom comes in the drive at night, a light on the garage pops on and the driveway looks like a normal house!!

Friday, October 02, 2015

Early October Out North

My new hoodie. I wanted a tshirt, but alas, the season for tees is past. October is hoodie weather! 
This dadburn newspaper box has been a trial. Kelly fixed it, I fixed it, Jon fixed it, and now I decided to zip tie the thing in place. As you can see, I found some of the biggest one's Ron carried at the Nikiski Hardware. (they are in the sleeve under the gloves) I hope these work!!! 

While I was on the lake, the neighbor's youngest pup watched me. I really need to figure out how to get shots from a moving contraption. Am sorry he's a bit blurry. 

 There are two ducks left. They really need to leave soon. There was a tiny bit of ice on the edges of the lake today. Am afraid we'll end up with that fairy tale where the duck gets stuck in the frozen lake bed and needs rescued.
 You can't really tell, this tree is covered in gold leaves. Kind of like Christmas in October!!

 Raindrops, cold raindrops, helped evict me from my happy place. For now!