Friday, October 02, 2015

Early October Out North

My new hoodie. I wanted a tshirt, but alas, the season for tees is past. October is hoodie weather! 
This dadburn newspaper box has been a trial. Kelly fixed it, I fixed it, Jon fixed it, and now I decided to zip tie the thing in place. As you can see, I found some of the biggest one's Ron carried at the Nikiski Hardware. (they are in the sleeve under the gloves) I hope these work!!! 

While I was on the lake, the neighbor's youngest pup watched me. I really need to figure out how to get shots from a moving contraption. Am sorry he's a bit blurry. 

 There are two ducks left. They really need to leave soon. There was a tiny bit of ice on the edges of the lake today. Am afraid we'll end up with that fairy tale where the duck gets stuck in the frozen lake bed and needs rescued.
 You can't really tell, this tree is covered in gold leaves. Kind of like Christmas in October!!

 Raindrops, cold raindrops, helped evict me from my happy place. For now!

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