Sunday, February 15, 2015

Valentine's Day~

It's Valentine's Day and that means candy, camo, and being in the outdoors. The mountain ranch looks really different with the grass all flat. You can easily see for miles and miles across the rolling hills. 
 We arrived at the lower place and discovered the sign down. Probably from the wind.

 At the lower place, near the bus, there is a crick where the rocks for the fire pit were. It was lovely to see water in it! There were also animal tracks around it. The pond it feeds was full of ducks. However, those are on a different property and we could only see them with binoculars.

 Steve always has more precise methods of doing things, Jon prefers to just get it done. He usually does the job thoroughly, just not quite like Dad would! But, in the end, it worked. The fire pit was dug and there were exactly enough rocks to surround it!
 The reason we went up today was to go shooting. I discovered I need a lot more practice. Or the broad side of a barn. The guys however,  had  a lot of fun!
 I almost deleted this photo, but when I saw it on the computer, I noticed the bottle was 'jumping'. I was pretty impressed to get the almost falling can in the next photo. The last one in these three, Jon liked. It appears that when the bullet went thru the plastic bottle, it exploded the bottom. Physics is very cool!

The other thing I learned is to make sure all containers and food stuffs are put away before shooting. Or you may end up with spent 22 shells in your Bugles.

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Happy 21st Birthday~

February 4, 1994. Jonathan Scott was born. 
He has had a love affair with chocolate and Fords ever since he was little. 

Jonathan had a lovely head of curls until we cut his hair at about 3, after our trip to Minnesota.

 Jon has always had a sense of fun. Even if it was hidden under his exterior of camo and cute.

Jon participated in Boy Scouts of America from Tiger Cub to Eagle. We are all incredibly proud of his achievements.
 He has played the bari sax since Mr. C suggested it in the 6th grade and in HS played with the HS band and two bands through the Walla Walla Community College. (Jazz and concert band)
Jon is also a volunteer with the Athena Volunteer Fire Dept and has a bit more beard now, than he wore during the academy.

Jonathan created a coat of arms for one of his classes and came up with this-water, mountains, tools, guns, Fords (the Bronco), home, and tops it all off with God.
We are very proud of you, Jonathan, and are looking forward to seeing where you go next!