Friday, August 24, 2007

Less than a week!

In less than a week, the house will go on the market. We still have so much to do! And not just packing. Then, there is Moograss and J is still not fully registered for school (which starts just after Labor Day). He has to take a test and S wants me to go to Pendleton for that. I would rather stay here and get stuff done. We'll see! I may have to drive back and forth. Not my favorite idea, but sometimes we just have to do things we don't like.

I had to put in these pictures of Moses. J still is not the tidiest of eaters, but Moses will clean up after him (it is NOT something we encourage, but it was pretty funny!). Notice, when he realised he was caught, he jumped down! I guess everyone likes spaghetti.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Almost Moograss!

Moograss is hard on the heels of the fair. It happens on Labor Day weekend at the fair grounds and they have an awesome website. Speaking of fair, here are a few pictures. The apple candy dish was so easy and the judges liked it a great deal. The seastar ornaments and candle container were lots of fun to make for different friends and Jon had a good time with his things, too. The promise of the apples in a previous post turned into a blue ribbon, so that was pretty cool. I am not doing applesauce this year due to the move, but am hoping to dry some. (that will smell yummy!)

We heard from T several times. It appears he is having fun, he says his lack of hair doesn't look as bad as some of the other guys, and his group (platoon, unit?) is the 'most well behaved'. They have won several awards and plaques. We missed him last night at the Eagle ceremony for one of his friends. I would post a picture for that, but the church where the ceremony was held was not photographer friendly! J came back from Scout camp and had an excellant time. His favorite merit badge was not the one for rifles, but a new one for nuculear sciences. Not sure what it is called, but he had a blast! He and S are in EO for a few days to register J for school. We packed what I thought was a ton of stuff, but it really only scratched the surface. Well, it was more of a gouge, but we had two very special persons come up to help after the ceremony and they stayed late. Then, today two more special people hauled their horse trailer (full of our stuff) to EO, where they unloaded it mostly by themselves!!!!! S and J arrived later and almost all of it was done! Then, the dear ones came back to Tillamook. Friends can be very humbling.

A girl named Jo opened this week. Very good play (and great snacks on Fri and Sat--I made them! Chocolate apple cake, key lime bars, and Texas cake). The persons acting are doing things they are not really used to doing and it is fun to watch. It is great to see how our kids grow. Oh, well, I do wish T was here.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

And the Winner Is.....

Actually, the fair is on and that is the theme this year. I am going to miss the Tillamook County Fair. It has a great webpage and the Pig N Ford page is totally awesome. We entered several items, not as much as usual, but several. Jon won the Fair theme award in the Art dept and the two of us did pretty well with colors. The pix of mom and the goat won a blue ribbon!! That was rather amazing as there were about 844 entries in photos this year! T's sequin tux jacket (see May, Prom link) won a red and T's sultan robe also won a red. I don't think I have a pix of that on here anywhere, so the robe was the black glittery thing he is wearing. The sword was also entered. It didn't win anything. However, I have heard a few comments about it and when people are told it was from the THS fall play it gets great reviews! I will try to take some photos of the winning things and post them here. TTFN.