Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Beach Wedding!

Wi-Ne-Ma was the setting for Mark and Christy's wedding. It was so pretty! There had been some rain, but it finally stopped and was beautiful. As you can see, there was a nice sized crowd that gathered at the ocean's side. We were sitting in the 'balcony' section, so had a GREAT view of the whole show. (it was really a sand dune, but we were up higher and looked down on the group!)

Everyone came in according to tradition, and also, according to tradition, their flower girl stole the show! Many of us photographed her instead of the bride and groom!!

Mark and Christy tied their knot with a festive braid and the flower girl continued to cover and uncover the petals she sprinkled on the sand.
After the final vows and a kiss, we were off to the Jacob's for a crab, pig, and oyster feast. The cows were impressed with the festivities and also honored the couple!

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Out and About

We started our journey on Friday night-the roads were clear and the sun was setting in our eyes. Jon took a great many fun road photos that I am not putting in the blog--there were a LOT! Trains, more windmills (the one below is amusing because it shows two types of technology in the same photo!), and cars of all kinds.

When we finally reached Portland, it was dark, but Jon was able to shoot an icon. Yup, the Portland sign with the deer. It used to be an advertisement for something, White Stag, I think it was. Now, it just heralds the Rose City. At Christmas they put a red nose on the deer, which is always great fun!
Saturday, we had some time before the wedding to visit the Trask River again. This first picture is of the 'dam hole', a great fishing spot!
We chatted for quite some time with friends at our old home and then took a nostalgic run to the park. Jon took photos of the paths and the place he used to play and capture tiny fish to hold in containers til it was time to go home.

I particularly miss the English Daisy flowers that grow wild on the coast. Here, in the east, we have violets in the grass. I adore and love violets, but wish we could have both! Jon picked me a flower and I saved it, hoping it will seed and spread lovely little English daisies all over the yard!
Although, there were some changes along the river, there were a great many things that have not changed one bit! This tree has grown quite a bit since we moved in 2007. We were glad to see it was still there with the strange weather everyone has had.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Webbed Ones

The Oregon Coast has a variety of winged creatures, but you just have to adore the antics of the gull. While we visited, I was sad because I remembered several bits of bread I had at home. While we lived in Tillamook, we always took bread to the beach and if we didn't have time to get to the beach, we tossed it out for the crows. I love crows!!!! Jon took all these pictures. I particularly like the surfing gulls!

This crow was investigating an old crab shell the gulls were playing with.

If anyone is familiar with The Rescuers, this bird in take off mode reminded us of the albatross the mice took as they launched off into adventures unknown.

This made us laugh, mostly because as a sentry bird, gulls are very good. They even deposit remarks on motorized vehicles that are obeying the sign!

Male Mallard ducks are so pretty. These were at Arlington and the first picture we dubbed, Ninja Duck!