Saturday, May 19, 2018

The Second Part of Friday Pipeline Construction (8)

This post is full of similarities and thoughts. This sign telling us road work is ahead is so apt in many areas of our lives. All the men and women working on our road have worked together to make this project happen. Often we need more than ourselves to finish something we might think is daunting. I hope to remember this as I wander my way through the next days, weeks, months, and years. 
This was fun to watch. One of the pipes needed moved and this machine, with the help of some spotters, did the job. 

Once it was moved, welders moved in to do their job. 

 Once done, it was marked with a tape. It still needed inspected.
One of the things that completely amazed me were the birds. The machines make a great deal of noise and, yet, nothing seems to bother these guys much at all! 
I am a bit concerned about this spot of trees, though. On Monday the pipe will be laid to rest near them and in one of these prickly tall trees is a robin on a nest. I'm hoping she doesn't have any eggs in there or they are going to get scrambled! 

 Later in the afternoon, I was told this pipe would be put down and it would be easier to me to watch from the road. I did and am very glad I was given the opportunity. All of these workers had a part to play and I got to watch!

 This is one of those other pieces used to help move pipe. This, I believe, is called a roller. It rolls on the pipe as the pipe is put down- The two rigs worked in tandem to do this job. However, the edge of the bank is sand (remember back to posts when mom had her septic system replaced?) and they needed to call in 'the little brother'.

 The smaller tractor came in and lifted with a smaller strap and the day was saved! (ok, it wasn't that dramatic, but I read a lot of children books.)

Monday, this area will be dug into and pipe will be set across this road and on past mom's. They will need to be careful because mom's phone line is in the way. They go under lots of things, so I'm not one bit concerned. 

I know there are 8 posts now about the pipeline road. I'm going to try to link them all in this one. 
One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, and Seven
Do know there may be more in these updates than just the Pipeline! There will be birds and Oregon and more than likely, me. (yikes!)

A Day in Pipeline Construction! (7)

Friday was really busy on the Pipeline road where mum's house is. A lot of things were happening and I was fortunate enough to have been around to watch much of it. Many of these photos are similar, they show parts of the work I found interesting. Some pictures might seem self explanatory, I still found them interesting! I will put all my photos from Friday into two posts since I took so many. 
This company and those how are working with Peak and Hilcorp are incredibly kind to this civilian lady with the camera. I've learned a great deal. I didn't take a picture of the pile of tires next to the paved road-I should have. It appears those are very useful contraptions. They are put on the asphalt so when these giant tractors drive across the roadbed isn't harmed. Pretty cool, huh? 
I took the first couple of photos on Thursday night after everyone was gone.

These next photos were Friday around noon. Thankfully, traffic could go around and use Claire Road to get to Lamplight since the road was blocked. 

One of the crazy looking tools used in working on the project. There are other tools which resemble small Kirby products. They don't clean, though. Those identify where lines and other pipes might be. 

 You can tell how deep the ditch is here. The tarp is over a spot where they are welding and the tree is on the edge of the ditch!
When the pipes need moved, a couple of things might be used. Here straps were brought into play. 

This man isn't holding a selfie stick. It is a contraption that is placed on the welds after the pipe is put in the trench. It is a GPS tool and marks exactly where each weld is. 

One of the workers took these photos for me. It was raining one of those light misty rains that doesn't get you wet til suddenly you realise you are soaked. I was entirely thankful Justin got these for me. I don't like getting in the way and I absolutely wanted to see what was inside the trench!!!! 

I went back and forth this Friday and was absolutely fascinated! 

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Pipeline Road Update 6

So much has been going on this last week, it is crazy! I've spoken with a few of the workers and learned some new things. I think they know me as that crazy lady with the camera!!!! Peak is the company who is doing the majority of the work on the pipeline. Others are helping with testing, environmental safety, and so much more. I'm not entirely knowledgeable about what is going on, I've been careful about getting too close, but it sure is a great deal of fun to watch! 
The work on the far side of Lamplight has moved closer to our area! 

 These next two photos are very cool. The 'line' you see in the first photo and the one in the last are finally connected. The pipe went under the entire road! I can't show you how far this is with just my camera, but it is quite a ways. I learned this is the 4th line under the soil in this area. It boggles the mind how much is underneath!

 The last few days work has been done to bury the pipe. Long trenches have been dug out and the workers are moving right along.
 The final welding is being done under tarps, people are inspecting, and the pipe is being placed carefully in its final bed.

A welding truck from Peak. Everything a welder needs, right at hand!
Changes all around us. Some things are being covered, others are emerging! Welcome little fiddleheads to a new world on the Pipeline Road. 

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Pipe lines in Oregon and Alaska (5)

I'm glad I wasn't there for this. The sewer lines needed dug up. Steve and Jon did the manual labor and the company put in the new line. Jonathan thought it was entirely reminiscent of when he helped Randall dig  up the electrical line from the house to the garage last September. Although, he said it was hotter in Oregon and he didn't miss the mosquitoes. 

Steve said they had to take out this root below. The guys putting in the line said they often need to remove large roots and it should be ok. I hope so, that locust is rather tall and having it fall would be daunting. The pipes are all buried and now the guys get to put the sod back. It will be awhile til the yard is all pretty again, but the job is done and they can wash clothes and dishes and people again. Jon's still miffed about the internet being mucked up still! 

Not a lot has been going on with the pipeline by the house. Most of the work has been done elsewhere. I was able to talk to one of the managers and he told me the sounds I heard were real. Now I don't recall the name, but I was pretty thankful it wasn't my imagination! He also said they were moving faster as some new welders were helping and they were up to 20 a day instead of 6. 

I'd like to find out what these are for. Only a few pipes have this burnt ash end like thing. I'm assuming it is when it goes under the road. There have been many people out doing inspections and a welding truck drives by often. 

The lake is ice free finally and I need to retrieve the 'dock' from where I pulled it from the water last fall. So glad we have water in the lake this year!!!!!! The golden eye and mallards are fighting and the green teal are back! 

I visited the beach on Saturday for a bit. It was a bit frothy and chill, but so pretty!!!! No mountains, though.