Wednesday, November 28, 2007

In Athena

OK, We are in Athena now. It only took us a zillion hours to get here. We were stuck in a non moving line of traffic in the Dalles area for 3 1/2 hours. We ended up getting to Athena around 430 in the am. We unloaded for an hour, took a short nap, got up and did the rest before S and J had to go off to work and school. It was very long. The cats were sedated, but obviously, the meds wore off long before we arrived. We left Tillamook around 7ish pm. and it was totally storming. Very nasty weather all around. We had rain and wind on the coast and ice and cold the rest of the way. I even got out during the 'break' we had and made a snowman that was tiny enough to sit on a gaurdrail post. I am at the library and will post photos of T and his surprise visit home as soon as I can. Have to leave for now, keep smiling and have a great end of November!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Our last week

This is what happened at our house this week. Then, on Wednesday T called and said he was coming home for a few days! And we are almost out of here!

Friday, November 16, 2007

What a week!

This week has been full of the longest days ever. It started on Monday (most weeks do, I guess) with an amazing rain and wind storm. It was raining in circles! Well, it was also the day I was taking two cats to the vet for feline lukemia shots. I had gotten Katy Kat in a carrier (we only have one) and decided that since I couldn't find the harness and leash for Moses, he could just ride freestyle. I would stop and get him a carrier at a local store. Teddy decided he needed a walk just before I left, so I reluctantly got my wet stuff back on that I had worn earlier when I was doing some outside chores. Moses wanted to go outside, but I didn't want a wet cat in the car and tossed him back inside. After the walk, I got Katy caged (she was not impressed and vocalized her annoyance as I left her in the dining room to look one last time for Moses harness and lead) and got them both in the car, Moses was without a restraint. I drove to the neighbor's to do something and she loaned me a carrier. (Remember it is pouring and blowing outside). As I put it in the car, Moses snuck out! There is a rhododendron near the driveway by my neighbor's house and that is where he decided to hang out. Oh, he moved around a bit here and there, but for the most part hunkered down and ignored me as I called and called him. About 10 minutes later, my neighbor noticed I was still in the driveway and helped keep him contained under the bush. We were both concerned he would wander off somewhere else in the garden in her yard and I would have only one cat to take to the vet. Eventually, he inched his way closer to me and I was able to dive through the branches of the bush and snag him. He was not happy and tried to get away, but I was wet and grumpy and he was NOT going anywhere. My neighbor got the car and the cage open and he was incarcerated in the back. My drive to town was rather noisy until I turned on some Christian music. That seemed to distract them for a bit.

On Tuesday, I took two more cats in for shots. This time they had to have complete exams. A very spendy process. One of them messed in the new carrier I had purchased as I was driving to town. That was icky! I mailed a box to T full of cookies and brownies I had made on Monday and that was spendy, too!

Later this week I worked and planned on going to EO on Friday. As of today, I am leaving in the morning on Saturday. There is more daylight then. I started a project the other day that I should have done ages ago and ended up with only 10 flax seed warmers for my PT neighbor. I need more flax! I had 25 pounds and the pile of pillows packs in the picture (check out that alliteration!) has most of them. I did lose a few ounces when I filled a pack and held it up, only to discover there was a hole in one of the seams. I have about 6 more 'snakes' to make for her.

Moses has objected to many things this week. He was especially annoyed with me for something earlier this evening. He didn't tell me what, but I didn't get him off my lap (where he had jumped on his own!) fast enough and he bit me on the cheek. Now he wants out, but he peeked outside and noticed that the door into summer is missing, so he has curled up by the door on a mat.
T graduated as a Calv Scout today (ok, yesterday, Thursday. I hope he got the box. He called and left a message. He sounded depressed, so I don't think the cookies came. Unless they did and he got in trouble!).
Book of the Day: Richard Peck's The Librarian Lies Here

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Finding the strangest things

We decided that since we were moving plants today, we needed to uproot my garlic bulb. J was amazed and said that even though the ones at the fair were taller (8 feet or so !), mine had the biggest bulb. It is now drying for use in flavorful dinners. (J has become a teen. His clothes are AWFUL!)
It looks a bit sad around here. The plants in pots have been moved, the hanging bird feeders are down, and the welcome sign is off the door. The worst part is the garage. It is finally almost empty! Sigh.

Book(s) of the day: Something by Emilie Loring and The Lost Colony by Eoin Colfer.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Fall at 27015 Trask River Rd

Here are my fall pictures. They are much prettier in real life! I thought I had gotten more of the apple tree.

J had his first concert tonight and S thought it was great fun. J said they made some really bad mistakes and Mr. C would have been mad at them. He was disgusted with the kids, too. He also said the place had horrid acoustics. S, as I said before, thought they were great. Both of them agreed that the orchestra was wonderful, though.
S's dad did come home today. He went down to the basement and cracked walnuts, went to a Legion meeting, and then went to bed! That was a lot for his first afternoon home!
Actually, he came home on Tuesday. I tried putting the pictures on and they wouldn't take. So, I decided to try today!
Book of the day: (Fairest was very good and so were the last chapters of The Amber Spyglass, which I needed to reread for old times sake!) In Times Like These by Emilie Loring is my today book.

Pretty soon!

So much is happening! We might have the house sold for sure, T will be home in a few weeks, and all in all, we have tons to do. It is a time for hurry up and wait, but it all happens pretty soon!
I will go home and load on the photos of fall at our house, it is very pretty. I only hope the new house will look this good.
S's dad gets to come home from the care center today! He is excited. So is everyone else.
Last weekend I went to the TAPA play and said something that was a bit of a joke, but not really. Someone overheard me and suggested it was an incredible truth that they never thought they would ever hear a person admit to. I was telling a person I was working with that someone else was arriving to take over my job. Then, I suggested that I had discovered that I was not entirely indispensible. And that is when the lady touched my arm and made the comments above. As I drove home I was thinking and you know, that is so true. I may be missed if I was not here, but someone somewhere would always be able to do what I do. Or do a reasonable facsimile of what I do. It was a humbling car ride home.
I tried the spell check feature and it didn't appear to work, any words not spelled correctly are not my fault. I did try!

Book of the day: Fairest by Gail C. Levine