Tuesday, August 25, 2015


I have seen a great many dragonflies on the lake this summer. I finally was able to photograph them as they fought, mated, and rested in the sun!!
 I spent the afternoon floating on the lake under a stunning blue sky with HOT hot HOT sunshine!
An odd colored dragonfly, you can't see, but it has some blue in it.
 This tree is so long! I didn't realise how long it actually was until I saw it thru the still lake water. The kayak is not even at the tip of it!
 I thought this was fascinating. I didn't know dragonflies mated in a heart shape. Google it. They have a fairly violent sex life!!!!
 The sun on the water was magical. It was also very hard to see what I was trying to photograph (It was another shot of the couple above, they didn't mind the camera).
A few days later, dragonflies were landing on the kayak! They did a lot of fighting, so resting was a good thing! 
 Another really fun tree I found on the other end of the lake!

Friday, August 21, 2015

August Colors

I had gone out earlier on August 20th, but had not taken my camera. So, I went back on the lake later. This fallen tree covered in marsh cinquefoil and other plants drew my eye. I also noticed a LOT of dragonflies and hoped to capture at least one with my camera. 

 I loved the reflections in the calm water. It may have been as gentle as floating in a bath tub, but the water was COLD.
I did manage to snag one clear photo of a dragonfly!! I was pretty excited when I saw the wing reflected in the water below. I had a couple of photos where the dragonfly was almost out of the photo or hard to find, this one was the best.
 As you can see, it is a very long fallen tree!

 On shore again, I photographed the fireweed blowing in the breeze. This is obviously not one of the better pictures. However, it does capture the blowing part!
 I was amused at how the birch leaves are falling and trying to 'hang' around a few whiles longer.
 The baby birds are almost ready to be adults. It's a daunting world out there, but you gotta spread your wings and fly anyway.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Catching up to Fall

Fall is fast approaching. The lily pads are crinkling and yellow, their stems are rotting underwater, and when you float over them in the kayak, it makes a mournful whispery sound. 
I've been trying to get out every day I can. This photo was before the meteors. I did, on the advice of my sister, go on the lake in the kayak to watch the stars. It was the most amazing thing I think I've done in ages. I think I kept grinning the whole time I was out there. OK-not the entire time. When I was closer to shore, I was a bit nervous. Even though it wasn't super dark on the lake, the shoreline was VERY black. Disembarking from a kayak in blackness with the use of a tiny flash stuck between your teeth is an experience in itself! 

 So many of the ducks are grown and close to moving on. I was out the other day and startled some into flight over and away from the lake. I think it may have been the first over the trees flight for many of them. I was nervous they wouldn't find their way back, but it appears most of them did. The Golden Eye babies are not ready yet. They are always late bloomers.
 This is perhaps one of the best lake finds this summer. I am not sure if he is 'The Old Man in the Tree', an aged Ent, or Groot on the edge of a nursing home. I love this guy and have found myself conversing with him every so often. Isn't he adorable???? Some people have told me he looks sad. I think he is probably just grumpy.
 I came in from the lake and saw something tiny hopping out of my way. REALLY tiny. This little fully formed frog was smaller than my thumbnail!!!
 Definite sign of fall. Fireweed gone to seed. It has happened FAST this year. We still have some lovely odd warm days, but the nights are chill. Dropping down to almost 30 here at mum's house. If you go by the forecasters, it will be a warm winter. If you go by the indicators of fireweed and termination dust, it probably won't be. Wonder who to believe? The science or the traditional signs?

 Our teenage mallards, swimming in formation.
 Kris in shadows. I'm so silly!

Thursday, August 06, 2015

The whites of their eyes

Or at least, his eyes! I was sitting still and a squirrel decided to investigate some sunflower seeds I had dropped. He was very impressed with the bounty I had scattered. Kind of like largess, but less monetary. Although, maybe squirrel and bird currency could be in seed. Although, largess can also be gifts. 
 I used the zoom thing on my camera, but the little guy was fairly close to me. He was skittish, but seemed to adapt to eating from a shadow hand for a few seconds.
 I saw these claws and thought of some of the stories Michael shares! I also thought about how much like rabbits these things look like. Brian Jacques is often in my thoughts. Although squirrels and rabbits have NOTHING in common in Mossflower!!!

 Similar shots, but oh such a cutie!!!! I'd like to see a British one.

Monday, August 03, 2015

Sunny Days, Sweeping the Clouds Away~

And from Sesame Street, we'll pop over to Miranda Cosgrove's and watch it rain sunshine! The lake was dotted with drops and the sky was blue! 
These two are  white crowned sparrow who was keeping a close eye on me and my dangerous camera! 

After we got done in town on Sunday, we stopped by a field of fireweed just off of Miller Loop out north. The flowers seemed to go on for acres! 

 I even got mom to pose in front of them for me! She was in the road and is barely 5 feet tall, but you can see how far the flowers reach. Awesome colors out there in the sunshine.
 The play of light and shadow in the trees was as spectacular as the vistas of forever flowers. I think my heaven will be filled with these!