Tuesday, August 25, 2015


I have seen a great many dragonflies on the lake this summer. I finally was able to photograph them as they fought, mated, and rested in the sun!!
 I spent the afternoon floating on the lake under a stunning blue sky with HOT hot HOT sunshine!
An odd colored dragonfly, you can't see, but it has some blue in it.
 This tree is so long! I didn't realise how long it actually was until I saw it thru the still lake water. The kayak is not even at the tip of it!
 I thought this was fascinating. I didn't know dragonflies mated in a heart shape. Google it. They have a fairly violent sex life!!!!
 The sun on the water was magical. It was also very hard to see what I was trying to photograph (It was another shot of the couple above, they didn't mind the camera).
A few days later, dragonflies were landing on the kayak! They did a lot of fighting, so resting was a good thing! 
 Another really fun tree I found on the other end of the lake!

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