Monday, April 30, 2007

May Day and not a flower to share

Oh, bother. The cats are sparring again. It is past bedtime and I just thought I'd put in a late April post. It is almost my favorite holiday, May Day, and I forgot to get flowers today to give away. I have to go to town tomorrow anyway, so I can get some to drop off...but I feel odd that I forgot! I rarely forget May Day!!! OK, here is a May Day pix. It is the closest I can get as I have not taken any spring photos yet. It is T surrounded by apple blossoms..This is one of the most photogenic trees we own! I just thought of a way to get a better pix of T (not so shadowed), but as it is raining the weather may knock the blossoms off the tree before I can capture it!
I also have a better (he says) pix of T as the Lion, but will post that on myspace under my cat pictures! Well we are back in Kansas again. Oz was lots of fun, but I am so glad it is over. Next choir goes to State (see Mrs. Henderson's page) and then the Jr/Sr musicale. Also, Mattress this weekend. T's Eagle Project is the 12th and mum is coming over Memorial Day weekend. **of note: I did cry when the kids took their bow at the end of Oz. This is T's 14th full length non-church play. He's come a long way since Pinafore.
I did try to put Noggin's page in my list of favorites, but for some reason it didn't take. I will continue trying to do that.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

We're off to see the Wizard..Again!

We have two more shows and we'll be done. Our first night was a bit rough, then last night was splendid! T makes a wonderful lion and plays with the audience instead of just to it. He did a rehearsal today with the 'girls' so he can sing tomorrow night..after the last Oz performance. J is taking a shooting test today. He passed his hunter's safety test (he missed one out of 60) and is looking forward to seeing Annie tonight. He and S are going to go to that. Annie was fun. The young lady playing Annie was Awesome! But of course, we have seen her on stage before. She acted with T in Belles on their Toes.
Our dog is better, though! Trinka is a great actor, even if she is just following the food around. She is so well behaved and is very sweet. (she isn't just following the food, she likes people, too!)
I will have to try and get a picture of her and Dorothy. (OH, fiddlesticks. I forgot to send the camera with J and S for this last day of hunter's safety.)
Mattress is even better than it seemed it was going to be. Check out Noggin's site for more information on that!
OK, I think that is all for now. It is beautiful outside and T is going to rehearse with Fingers for next Sunday's Monday Musical performance. It is for the Jrs and Srs to show off their talents. It should be fun. I am hoping to get a pix of T with the apple tree, it looks splendid right now! I'd like to get one of J and T, too.
OH, I also got out my crochet hooks and made a something for Oz. It is a bell pull, but it is more of a something. I am thinking that while I am at the library I will get a book on how to crochet!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

April 24--it's a long, long month!

Well, as stated, it has been a long month. My sis said all I'd post here were costume pix, so I thought I had better just do that! T turned out pretty good for a lion that isn't really exactly liony..we cut his 'hair' in back later that day, so now he has a dread lock look.
In the bottom pix, there is Dorothy, Glinda (in a sweet dress with loads of sequins and a hula hoop!--I did NOT make that one), as she lands in Oz. The candy cane stick on the purple bit is actually a gun..carried by the mafia like lollipop guild. I rather like them and nicknamed them, Tammy guns. S calls them Lolli-popguns. J and T said the guns had been desecrated! Dorothy is carrying our Toto..little Trinka. The hat is Mrs. Henderson on piano (see her page for THS choir information). I believe that one of the gun carrying guys in the background is wearing a felt coat/vest that I made. I made 16 of those and 16 vests for flying monkeys. S painted the decorations on them. Dorothy is wearing converse sneakers instead of red slippers.
We open this Thursday. Wednesday we are going to Nestucca to watch Annie. More on the later!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday the 13th

Well, T is gone. The Vocal Ensemble left this morning and they will be back late on Monday evening. J will be going camping this evening and be back on Sunday afternoon. S and I will be home with a variety of projects. I have T's costume almost done. Mrs. S from SPE will be making me some feet. I bought her the yarn and thought it might be fun to learn to crochet. But, I need to finish the stuff for Oz first! Since Jake thinks all my pics will be costumes, I need to take a pic of it and post it! Have to wait for it to be finished and for T to come home. Note-it is easier to sew things for bodies that are available.
I bought some plants today. Alyssum (is that right?), a fuschia, some geraniums, and a something else. I want to plant, but it has been so nasty outside! We had hail and rainstorms on Monday! I figure I will put stuff in pots and they should be ok. We have a zillion swallows and humming birds and things are growing like crazy.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter

J is up the willow tree, out on a limb, and having a great time!

No eggs this year. No baskets. Just chocolate and jellybeans. I was going to make everyone pillowcases out of this wonderful fabric I found, but failed to remember that I had no flannel for the purple one. (Actually, the purple one is for me and our neighbor, so I suppose we can wait!). I figured that since the boys were too old to dye eggs, I would make soft, furry pillowcases. S thought it was a good idea, as long as I put chocolate in them. I got them the chocolate, but havent' gotten the cases done yet.
I found some splendid faux fur for T's lion mane. The fabric for his body that I found was not exactly what I wanted. It is toast color. The loverly gold brown stuff I found was 10 dollars a yard and as I needed 5 yards...well, it was not the top choice. I was bummed. I wanted velour or some sort of soft shimmery stuff.

We shopped yesterday at Home Depot and got the rest of the boys' bathroom. It should look good when we get it all done. S has the day off tomorrow. Hope he gets stuff finished! We stuffed the vanity, vanity top, the toilet and the tank, and the medicine cabinet in the Explorer. It was pretty full! We had to scrap the original design plans I have had for several years in a heartbeat. But, as it has not even been started, it was not that big of a deal! It was mostly color scheme.

I have been sewing a great deal. Unfortunately, the outfits were all the wrong size. Bummer.

We visited Tamora Pierce this last Friday. She is amazing. I think we floated home from our visit. I also helped tidy up a house for a friend on Friday. I am pretty sore because I really scrubbed!

THS choir did very well at the last festival. (See Mrs. Hendersons' Page) Following the festival, T went home with a friend and met two special ones from Washington. They all seemed to have had a great time. (I think it was all the pizzas that were at the house!)

Monday, April 02, 2007

Curtain Call

Well, it has been a really long weekend. J was home sick all the weekend and T and S were camping. S and I ate at Safeway for lunch and I got a horrid tummy ache. S had one during the night. I finished my dresses, and will get a couple more. :-) Since I have it figured out, it makes it easier. Am having trouble finding fabric for T's lion. Might just have to do the easier plan and not the more lionlike one. Sunday, they trimmed up our golden willow tree. It looks so lopsided now. And even if it does let in more light, it looked better before! Oh, well.
On the most unusual side. It snowed again last night! I thought S was April fooling me a day late, but it really DID snow!!! Just a dusting, but it was there!