Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Marching On

Ok, this is really strange. I have not put up a blog in ages and now it is all very wierd. First, these crocus from the start of March were not taken sideways! So, that is bizarre! I hope that when it gets published, they fix themselves!

On March 17, Jon earned his Life Scout rank. It was also a great party to say good bye to a man who has done Scoutmastering in the area for a long time. He may not do BSA stuff, but his love for the boys has taken many of them to places they never thought they could. Jon put together a neat little winter camping slide show to the tune of Summer in the City.
One of the things Jon wanted to do this month was play 'real' Monopoly--not the kid version we have that takes less than an hour to play. This one took us several days and we only stopped when I went bankrupt and Jon raked in the dough! One night Moses decided to help me. At least, we called it that!
Nana's birthday was fun. We still have not called her yet (there are still a couple days in March!) but we had cake and ice cream anyway! Jon blew out the candle on the cupcake for her...since she was at a concert with a friend AND not even in the same state!

I also made cookies..this one was sort of interesting as it had a smiling face on it! Jon did add one 'eye' as it appeared lopsided, but the rest of it was all baked in! Jon said it was delicious!

The day after spring break ended we got snow. It was not sticking hard, but it was sticking. Very droll as it was SUPPOSED to be after spring break! The poor daffydowndilly was not impressed and my read of The Secret Garden was much more fun than seeing my poor flowers get snowed upon!