Friday, May 30, 2008

Not so Cliff Notes

Well, I have written one blog already today and lost it (that was on my myspace page). I had to rewrite it. So, this one will be a shorter version than the last one. With no pictures yet. Bummer deal.

OK, T called this AM. He has called quite a bit this week. It has been a red letter week~He told us all kinds of interesting deserty like things. Such as: the mosquitos over there are not as numerous as the ones in Alaska, but they are as aggressive. He said there are lots of bats and was very thankful for them. On a duty he had a flock of mosquitos (are there mosquito flocks, that was my term not his.) hovering in front of him and they left when a bat blew through them. He also said there are lots of mongoose. They run along the river banks.

Mail takes ages to reach him, but continue to send it using the new address. (the same as the last one, just drop the palehorse troop and add 'White Platoon Eagle Co 2-2'. All the rest of it is the same. They go back to the Warhorse Camp every 9 or so days for laundry drops, haircuts (although he said that he ditched the line finally and got a basic training cut from a fellow soldier.), and mail.

T was able to observe part of a desert wedding. They are very noisy and involve the large type of hand held weapons available over there. His area was on alert during the festivities. He shared that it was a bit exciting. (I wondered if it was their version of a shot gun wedding!)

J had a band concert last night. He won an award for the most outstanding low woodwind in concert band and jazz band. He did say it was by default. He is the only one. Well, except for a kid on a bass clarinet who has only been playing a few weeks. S said if you are going to be good at something, it helps if you are the only one. He had a tour today. Don't know how that went. His grades are not too warm, but he knows it and we have discussed it extensively.

We are getting closer on a house. We have keys for our own mailbox! Can you believe it? We will have to have a PO box as they don't deliver to the location of where we hope to be living. I don't think I have had a PO Box since I lived in Anchor Point as a kid. I am not sure that S has ever had one. It will be interesting.

Not much else. I guess these cliff notes are the longer edited version! Have a great day and I hope you are feeling as blessed as I am!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Nope, it's winter again.

Summer is over and it is cold and dampish again. Nice for the plants as to the wet, but not for the lack of warmth. The house is still in the paperwork stage. Which is frustrating in more ways than you think. I would love to try and unpack some things and find a few items we are missing. Like the camera disks. And the scanner cords. And some other stuff like that.

Found one of my old Mercedes Lackey books. It is good to read old friends! Spent the Memorial holiday hanging out with a friend. She bought flowers and all of us ate together and then we watched a movie. The last Pirates one. That is so silly!

T called from the desert. He sounds pretty upbeat and in better spirits than he has been. Well, gotta go, Moses is being catty and needs some TLC.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Computer is here!

Our new computer is in and it is very different. Instead of XP we have Vista and it has more bells and whistles than you can imagine! It will take some getting used to and we still have to figure out how to hook up stuff like our printer and the camera and so on and so forth.
I went shopping last week and found a book I had been looking for and it was only 50 cents. I was very happy and just finished it today. A Company of Swans by Eva Ibbotsen. Interestingly enough, those books (her older ones) are being reprinted. I was very happy as most of them are pretty spendy on ebay and amazon. Her children's ones are always available, but the adult ones are not as easy to find.
Got some papers for our house today..closing may be soon! Very excited about that. Also did some more planting today. Not sure if I did the potatos right, but they are covered and cut into pieces. Also planted my cukes and will have to figure out how to put up a trellis for them. It was so sunny and warm today that many seeds are up as well as lots of leaves on a variety of plants. It is like we skipped spring and now it is summer. Oh, well. It looks pretty and that is what matters the most. The lilacs in town look and smell loverly and the house we are trying for has several, one of which is white! Very cool.
More on the later.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Non-pictoral news

Just wandering along here and there. Looking at a house in Athena and waiting for real spring. It is very cold out today. Sunny, but COLD. Our new computer is on the way and when it arrives, we will update more then.
T is on his way North of where he is now. It sounds more intense, so keep him in your prayers. Every Cav Scout needs a battalion of angels! J is mowing for S's Aunt and is having fun and earning some money. (which he is planning on using for a sharp object of some sort) Got Mum and Dot the same Mom's Day present..It is cheaper in Oregon, but it will be fun for both. I am anticipating tomato plants as mine have frozen. And a house! (There are two lilac trees in the yard!)
Reading more old favorites. I tried to snag a new Anne and Todd McCaffrey from a friend's suitcase, but it was obvious I was trying to hide it under my shirt. Oh, well, I tried.