Saturday, March 31, 2018

Sand and Ice

This has a LOT of photos. I was fortunate enough to visit the beach again on Good Friday. It was fairly warm, but there was still a great deal of ice out there.I was also happy to see how much snow there is on the mountains! 

Even fishermen were out. These nice men said I could take their photo. They were hoping to catch some halibut. You can see the ice on the shore behind them  From there you needed to jump down  to get to the beach. 
I took a great many ice on the shore photos. They were full of rocks and sand and dripping water. Powerful pieces of winter waiting to melt into spring. 

On the way back to the car, I found out the best footwear to use when walking on the beach are rubber boots. It is much less stressful to wade in the waves instead of dodging them. Although, dodging them IS fun!!! 

I had to take a photo of this white is a seashell! A clam half with a bit more. You rarely find shells on this beach! I was at the one down by the Tesoro docks. No ship today. just lots of sunshine and beautiful rocks. I wasn't going to bring any home. I managed to stop at 3. 

Friday, March 30, 2018

Pipeline--second post

March 29. There is serious work being done with pipes and whatnot all along the road that was created for the pipeline. I learned today that a company called Peak won the bid for this job from Hillcorp. They are going to put in 8 miles of new pipe. I'll add more information as I find it. I am not sure what the first two photos are. A lot of working people and machines and metal!! 

 After everyone left, I went out near mum's house to look at the work being done. Many of the pipes have been welded together. The color around them, as I understood it, determines what kind of weld it is. The welds will eventually be redone and x-rayed to make sure the pipes are absolutely sealed tight.

 Before the pipes are moved to their final resting place in the earth, they sit on 'cribs' of wood. Not all cribs were made the same.....

 These two pipes are not connected yet, they will go under the road at some point.
This is looking down the road from near mum's. The orange sign is reminding people there are overhead power lines directly above. Those are going to mum's house. 

 Now this photo is kind of interesting, too. If you enlarge it, you will see two orange stars in the upper right area of the picture. Those are on each side of what I am thinking will be the bed for the pipeline.
 Pipeline selfie!!!
 As I walked back to mum's just after just after 8 pm, I noticed the small puddles made by the day's sunshine were starting to ice over. This large puddle is right next to mum's drive. The young neighbor from across the lake drove thru it very sedately!

Every day brings new changes to the progression of this project. It is great fun watching what happens next!

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Updating the Pipeline!

These photos are from March 15 until the 21st. It is a progression of the work being done--it isn't finished yet! Some of the photos may look similar, they are of the same AREAS but show different stages. 
They were working in the snow, while it was snowing, and now while we have a thaw! 

(Yard selfie of Kris in snow!)
 I got to walk down and watch some of the workers move the pipes from where they were stacked to where they would sit til they are stuck together before being dropped underground. I'm curious to see what they'll do to cross the road--

 This is looking down the road-right when you turn onto the Pipeline off of Lamplight.
 Thankfully, they left a stand of trees at the end of mom's drive. They took out so many, I was glad to see those remained.

 Looking down to mom's 'drive' from Claire Road. You really can't see where mum's is, but it is way down there on the left side.

 I found this cool stump and added bits to the second one so  you could see the cougar I found!

 I sat on one of the metal pipes. They are very cold and not very big around. It was really quite frigid out, too. Wind chill I think dropped it to about 18 degrees. Probably colder in the shade!

 This is right across the drive from Traxinger's Road as you drive down the Pipeline. These parts are somehow stuck together and on wood structures. The pipes are about chest high on me.It was actually pretty warm up there!!
I'll try to post more as it happen. It is fun to watch the development of this new gas line!