Friday, March 09, 2018

Those who Respond

It has been a few weeks since my last post. I had some stellar snow photos to share and never managed to get around to it. Snow is my absolute favorite thing. Ok, one of my favorite things. Like Maria, I have many!!!! Wind is not something I appreciate and the two combined make for dubious weather conditions.. As we were headed home today after one of mum's appointments, I slipped on the lethal corner as you approach Nikiski 1. It was practically text book. 
 I landed in the brand new feathery snow perfectly. If it was being judged, I might have gotten a rather good score! A 16 year old witness reported to his mom, 'Impressive! It was like she landed on a pillow.' The mom gave me a number for a tow truck and continued to text me off and on to make sure we were ok. (turns out she knows mom.)
 It doesn't look like it is too far off the road, but it was down in the ditch. We were not easy to see. The station was returning from a fire, the mom reported the accident, we were warm and safe. Mum sat reading til the tow truck driver arrived. I had to keep popping in and out of the car to tell people we were ok.
 This incredibly helpful man from Jenwar Towing took care of the hardest part. The soft snow cushioned everything and packed the engine full--not a thing was broken. I'm a bit annoyed by these photos, it wasn't that dark!!! Just blowy and snowy. And cold.

 When the tow truck arrived, personnel from the fire department arrived. They dug mom out and took her to the station to get warm. She got to visit with Terry, who works in the department and knows mum really well. (Janet corrected me on this, I should have asked more information before posting my interpretation. Insert sad face! LOL)

 Jennifer-she helped monitor traffic after getting mum out of the car.

 Freezing cold selfie of the daughter at the scene of the crime. I really wished I had worn long sleeves, I was very cold under that handy polar fleece. BRRRRRR. My boots are still soaked through and squished when I walked!!!!!
  It took quite a while to get it out of where it was tucked in, but by 445, we were free! I was able to drive it home and it seems to be ok. Full of snow, but working well. Friday mum has another appointment, if the wonderful woman from Katmai can get down from Anchorage! I'll take the car to Steve's, if it needs to be seen.
 We got to the house and the snow had filled the drive, mum's car made under belly prints as I drove!!!
 Much later, John, from next door came to plow. This photo is his son from the previous snow. I don't have one from tonight. I did notice, the drive is not quite as wide anymore!!! I only hope the new snow and wind doesn't fill it up again. I wish I could do something to thank this absolutely truly amazing family for all they do.
Help is found in many places. I'm so thankful to find them under every snowflake and bough. They are gifts. Some are trained, all are generous and willing to go the extra mile just because. 

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