Saturday, October 20, 2018

Celebration for Nancy Egbert

It has been a week since mom's memorial service. A great deal has happened, but I wanted to share our celebration with friends and family via the internet. It was a celebration. Mum asked for certain things and they managed to all fall into place. We had the service at the Nikiski Rec Center  (the old elementary school in the library). I think it would have been a good idea if I had asked to have it put on their reader board or community calendar, but I think it turned out well.. It started out POURING, but by late morning it started to clear. Her service was at 11. 

Meg made wrote a sign for us-I'd forgotten to mark where the service would be. She and Randall helped guide people in.
Setting up was a lot of work. Bailey created the power point and was our emcee, Lee was an incredible help in setting up the AV stuff, chairs, and whatnot. 

 Actually, Janet's entire family was a huge help. Jacit and Jaleen and Janet were all there early and pitched in. I had hoped for a large number of people, but due to circumstances, we had about 111 signed in. 
 Julie and Elaine and Sharon and Traci and Nancy and Tim Veal and Jim were also on hand to organise and get every last thing set up and in place. (Julie brought the beverage stuff) The Rec staff was awesome in every way!
Order of Events: 
Reading of the Obituary
 (written by BJ at Peninsula Memorial Chapel and it can be found on their website)
Welcome and Opening Prayer
(those first things were done by Bailey)
We all sang 'This is My Father's World' 
Lee read Ecclesiastes 3:1-8
We sang 'Take Me Out to the Ball Game'
Kris shared a bit about her mom and read the story by Cece Meng called 'Always Remember' 
Tamara and Bridget and 'not Rhett' (one of the teachers mom worked with and I can't remember his name, other than mom called him Rhett) and Lee and Randall shared thoughts of Nancy.
Lucy read a thought from Mother Teresa 
Meg sang 'My God and I' and brought down the house
Mary did the closing prayer 
We all sang 'Go Ye Now in Peace' 
Rachel played the intro music, the songs for us to sing, and the post music for mom. She and Bailey also found the words and music for 'Take Me Out to the Ballgame'. (we only used the first verse)
We let the slide show run before and after the main service.

A bunch of brave souls helped to clean up after it was all over. (I adore the Dura family!!) 


  I had gone into Kenai and met Kari who helped unload leftovers for after the church service at mom's church on Sunday- Then, I went over to dad's bench in the Scout Park. Eventually, we''ll add a marker with mom's name and the city will put it on the bench with dad. It had warmed up tremendously and the inlet was calm.

The next day, while we were  opening up cards, we found this incredibly comforting thought in one Kari sent. 

I am sure I missed several who helped, there were so many. Please know mom's community is you. You may or may not have been there in person, but your spirit was there in Nancy's. Thank you so much for being a part of mom's world and ours. 

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Miss Nancy, Mrs. Egbert, Nana, Mom

Some of these photos were used in the slideshow of photos we used in her service. I didn't want to upload the whole thing onto youtube and felt you can look at each one more easily on here. There are a 'snapshot' (if you will pardon the pun!) of her life and times. I will post them in two separate posts. 

Miss Nancy, Mrs. Egbert, Nana, Mom (Part 2)

Nancy was born in Minnesota, but once she moved north to Alaska, she embraced her new home completely. From Homer to Anchor Point to Kenai, Nancy was a part of many different experiences. Her obituary, written by BJ at the Peninsula Memorial Chapel, encapsulates a bit of what mom did. 
 Sweet Adelines and Dad's Mercury.

 Fishing and lighthouses-

 Theatre! Sound of Music and Beauty and the Beast-

 Children and teaching-

 Friends and family-

Miss Nancy, Mrs. Egbert, Nana, Mom (Part 3)

Mum loved music and Pike Lake in Minnesota. 
 Going places was something she enjoyed doing. Homer, Seward, Juneau, Anchorage, and points south!

 Mum's dog was incredibly important to her. Obi now lives with his new furever friend, Colleen. (he is also losing weight!)

 Sports were important to Nancy. Baseball, hockey, Rodeos, the Olympics, Curling, Golf, Ninja Warrior, and even gator hunting all things she loved to watch. We had a baseball game for her in 2017. (follow the link!)

Miss Nancy, Mrs. Egbert, Nana, Mom (Part 4)

Most of the photos of Nancy from 2018 were not very good. They can be found on the blog in different posts-This was Mom's Day in 2017.
 Mom got some help planting flowers from Rose. A woman she loved very much.
 Lucy took us to Anchorage for some tests mom needing and we stopped and visited with Jim and Nedra. (I'm not sure I spelled that correctly, I often don't....)

 Steve came up to visit in May of that year, Jon came up in September.
 Nancy absolutely loved to get presents! She was so excited last Christmas when a box arrived from Aunt Darlene!
 Minus her new teeth, but feeling fairly chipper, after one of her hospital stays at the end of this summer. (We had a tree fall, mom said it 'whomped')