Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Scout Camp-2

This is NOT fair--so much of our technology is backwards in time. I thought I had beat the system by posting the second half first, but alas....I had also started with the first one (makes sense, doesn't it???). Thus, starting with the first one, even if it was posted second still put it behind the rest of the story of camp. Does that confuse you? Well, it confuses me as well. We can all be confused together! Piffle.

To read the first part of camp, scroll down.....and then scroll back up for the conclusion. Thank you.

Jon would ask, "Mom, why did you choose these photos?" Well, there were so many to choose from, I just had to make a stab at it! This top picture was a poster on the swim bus (they took a bus to a lake for swimming and even for a hike).
One of the merit badges Jon did this year was climbing--the boy on the other end was a bit small and the video Jon has of his wall climb is pretty amusing.
I love it when people borrow Jon's camera-candids!
The camp, Camp Fife, has an lovely scenery. It is not the Oregon coast, but it is just as beautiful!
One of the Scouts found a baby chipmunk. (not of our unit, I don't believe) It was in the middle of the road and wouldn't stop running out into it. So, the boy decided to adopt it (he had adopted several critters before). I am sure this is what spurred Jonathan to acquire Archibald. (a vole he found while helping a friend do major yard work.)
A couple of nights were devoted to flag retirements. In this one they cut the flag into all its pieces and burned each one separately. Jon said it took a very long time!
Later, Jonathan took photos of glow sticks. Here the Scouts stuck all the sticks together and made a huge rope. Then, the boys twirled it and played with it. Jon has some super amazing photos of this.

All ready to go home! Jon enjoyed his last year of Scout camp, although he did say that being an SPL was a bit like being a parent!

Scout Camp--Part1

This is a very small bit of Jon's last Scout Camp as a Boy Scout. He may someday go again, but it will be as an adult leader. Jon made this sign for their Troop--it did crack, but it looks pretty nifty for spur of the moment!

Jon always takes car photos--I am pretty sure this is Mt. St. Helens (and how come it is a Mountain AND a Saint?).
The boys arrive at Camp Fife. They all packed in tents, so it was a lot of work to get organised to camp for the week. Jon took over 500 photos--and a metal works merit badge as well as a sailing one. He now wants to set up a forge and get a sailboat!
One of the things Scouts do at camp are cheers. This is a toss that was a part of the Troop's Spirit cheer. (Jon will correct me if I am wrong on that!) They won the Spirit award a couple of times.
The area had been logged and when you put lots of little log pieces together with boys (and I am sure girls), you most likely will end up with a pyramid! They posed on the structure for a photo before they took it back apart.
One of the more interesting things was snow. Yes, snow on the mountains. I was traveling with a friend to Portland and we noticed Hood had a lot, but this is just above the camp! No wonder the days were hot and the nights cool (50s)! The layout of the camp is beautiful.

Boys and leaders at Camp Fife July 2011.