Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tulip Time-

Blogger has become increasingly frustrating to use, which is why I have not updated in months! I decided I wanted to share my tulips with you-These are only a few of them. I do have some planters that are not blooming well and some of the older ones are not quite ready yet. I'll add those with photos from previous years-
 These tulips, the bright orange ones, are always the very first tulips to come up. There were so many I've moved them a bit to make a bank of orange. They are incredibly festive and I'd love to know their name!

 These are my second ones to bloom every year. I have two sets of red tulips-in this photo you can see the ones on the bottom are a bit different. I also have those star shaped tulips in a different part of the front bed. In this next (not able to be rotated) photo you can see the leaves are a different type as well.
BUT, this April, not all was well with the stratosphere. Or something. We ended up with a couple of pretty incredible frosts. As you can see, it was not encouraging to the fragile tulip blossoms.
These crinkled edge tulips look quite a bit like Audrey from Little Shop of Horrors!!!

 I did clip (the next day, after another frost), a ton of the orange ones. I realised if I put them in a tall vase, you wouldn't be able to tell they were droopy! As you can see, the petals show definite frost damage, but they did open and close, so we enjoyed them inside for several days.
 These are some I did not plant, they have peony like petals. It appears I don't have any photos of the white or yellow ones-I'll have to find them to photograph them this spring!
                                This one is a lovely pink tulip. Such a striking pattern on their petals.
As much as I adore daffodils, tulips are so lovely. I never look at one without thinking of my daddy (they were his favorite flower) and of fairy tales. The reason the tulips close up at night is so the fairies can sleep safely!