Sunday, December 25, 2016

December 25th, from Nana's Point of view.

Gifts around the tree (thank you to Loren and Lindsey for the tree!). 
 Jacit sliding a towel across the floor wet from feet and walker wheels!
 JaLeen is so tall!!!! Almost 12-
 Mom made an afghan. Jacit opted to keep it!

 I am not entirely sure what was going on at this point! I do know Lee was looking for the tickets he had purchased for the movie later tonight!
 Mom took some photos while I was taking mine---nice work!

As stated in the post below this one, I am super thankful I got to spend the holiday with the Gattenby family.

December 25th!

Lighted trees and silly presents hanging on the door (for Jacit) and next to mom's walker for mom! 
 Mike helped us get mom to and from the church  and Lucy read to us from 'The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.' Lee was able to help spread care to a homeless man who stopped by the church. Janet had spent most of the morning cooking a lavish fun spread. She kept it warm in crock pots and it served up rather well!
 After lunch, we took a passel of pictures to commemorate the family coming together.

 (Yes, Lee is being silly!)

 (Jacit has a reflective label on her top!)

 Followed by the opening of a presents! Which, we learned form Lucy, are given to each other out of love.

 Sharing fun, laughter, and stories. A beautiful way to celebrate today.

I was thankful to be a part of this gathering of the Gattenby family. Usually mom is at their house on Christmas Eve and part of Christmas Day. I am glad we were able to be together.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Sunny Day!

The sun was out and so were the people in Kenai! This youngster was tunneling in the snowbank next to the school's front doors! He didn't have on a coat, but he was having a great time.
A note on my photos. There are spots on the pictures. When I dropped my camera in the sawdust, it sort of changed how it looks out onto the world...

 Ice Pans. If you google these, you won't find what you are looking for. You are more apt to find photos of them in the images section of the google search. Especially if you add the words 'Cook Inlet'. Anyway, whatever they are called, they are fascinating! Many of them are rounded. Some are not. They are made of layers of ice and sand and sea.

 This is crazy cool. It looks treacherous and it is solid!
 The rime from the waves lapping the shore. Frozen sea foam....Gorgeous!
 The professor. Alas, I had to ask later what was taught. I often have trouble paying attention in an outside classroom. Thankfully, Mike is patient!

 You can see the ice bobbing in the ocean, too. Which is why they can pile up on each other.
 This one was more round than square. I thought it was a rock, but it wasn't.
 Scary selfie standing on stacked sand and snow!
 More rime made from the frozen sea water/foam. It was crunchy!

 On the other side of the Kenai, boats are snow locked. Waiting for the day they can move back into the water and find fish.
 Mt. Redoubt. There is a tiny puff to the right of the top of the mountain. Mom says it is Eileen discussing things.

 Later, we got back to Kenai and picked up a lovely arrangement sent by a friend. I'm going to take it to the church, so it can be lit. (Mom on oxygen and candles are sort of not too compatible.) After church, it will live quietly on the TV stand thing in the living room.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Out and About in mid December

Dashed out to mum's house on the 11th. The sun was setting behind me and the moon was rising in front. I finally stopped around 'Two Fish Lake' to snap a couple of photos. By the time I got to mom's darkness had descended. The neighbor's were clearing patches of the lake prior to skating. Lights were bobbing back and forth as they worked! 

 On the 12th, I had a chance to do some more errands. As I took a 'wrong turn' because I was looking at the sunset, I decided I should stop. School was getting out and kids were everywhere. Except at the bar! Where I parked briefly and captured the sun tangled in frosted branches.

 Selfies are not my forte. I think I need to work on them. Recently, read an advertisement for an inexpensive smart phone. It suggested it could take 'amazing selfies'. I laughed and wondered if it was something needing looked into.