Saturday, December 03, 2016

A lovely day!

The sun setting on the Scout Park in Kenai. 

 I like  how one view of the sky shows a sunset and the other side the mountains are hovering on the edge of twilight. (I don't recall what time this was. Probably around 3:30)
 In moments, the sky melted into magic. The layers were spectacular. Like a parfait for the soul.

 These next pictures are random.
 I took it because I had pulled my hair back and when I looked in the mirror later, I discovered I had a fringe on top! However, it didn't show up in the photo. Oh, well!
One of mom's friends found this special wide recliner for mom to rest in. She sleeps so much better elevated. 
Another of the friends who gives  over and over to help and encourage. Thank you so much, Mike. 

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