Saturday, December 03, 2016

Snow in Kenai!

Sparkling snow fall-photo at midnight thirty. (Mom is making a  hat shawl thing like one she made me. One I packed and then took out. I should have left it in my bag.)

 Kids from the Alternative HS who helped shovel out mum's car the morning after our first snow. It was moved to a  more logical spot and I am grateful to everyone who helped me!
 Mum waiting to see her doctor--
 Snow is being removed from key areas near the hospital. The Helipad has small mounds of snow around it!
 Mom had Arby's for lunch. She was glad to get some fast food for a change.

Glittering white powder on the red berries of the tree near the old Kenai Elm. 
 The caretaker for the house we are in has an incredible way with flowering plants. She has a grand collection of African violets and this cactus started blooming just after she brought it over for mom to look at.

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