Saturday, August 27, 2016

Fall is on the Way

I love skies at night. This was about 945. 

The light was a bit behind me, so I opted to sneak a late night lake selfie!
I found this little guy and decided he needed a photo shoot on the bow of the kayak. I'd have taken him out for a ride, except it was close to my last shot and that took priority. 

 Moose and 4 Wheeler tracks. A definite sign of fall in Alaska!!!!
 Fun mushrooms are EVERYWHERE! You can't turn around without seeing another variety growing up in an instant.
 He not only landed on my shoe, he was eating a snack while sitting there!

 Fly away fireweed!

 And at the end of the day we found this sun rainbow out above the platforms. Such a pretty surprise to find above the mountains!

For the Birds!!!

I was amazed at how many woodpeckers there have been around the house. I'm pretty sure at least one of these is a juvenile. I also found a brown creeper, but he was too fast to photograph! Elusive and about 5 inches long. I am pretty sure the woodpeckers are Hairy Woodpeckers. Mom thinks one might be a 3 toed, but I"m not sure. I think they are all from a family of the same bird. 

 The chickadees were so cute. I tried to get them to eat from my hand, but the closest they would come was the edge of the feeder dish.

 There were two who seemed to 'hang' together quite a bit. The larger one with the red often harassed the smaller one without the spot.
The grosbeaks were also brave enough to eat while I was quite close with the camera. It was fun!!!
 Mom spent quite a bit of the afternoon sitting and watching the camp robbers, ducks, and the birds I captured in photos.

The birds are flying around eating and hiding seeds like snow is on the horizon. They may know something we don't....

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Walking on the beach-

Thursday was a relief from the clouds and rain we have had enfolding us here on the Kenai. I was able to get mom to bring Obie to Arness Dock for a short visit. She enjoyed it more than her dog! We got to watch tugs dock and head back out in the Inlet, picked up rocks, and relished being in the sunshine. 

 I even dipped the toes of one foot in the water. It wasn't cold, but my tender tootsie didn't like the rounded stones underneath.

 This is one of my favorite views. Someday, I am going to walk down there. Yeah, I've never done it! Crazy, huh?

August Sunset

After being at Arness Dock earlier, I knew it would be perfect to go back for the sunset. I arrived after 7, so I knew it would be a bit of a wait. It was worth it. 


I'm always impressed by the sun on the mountains. This Thursday night in August was as amazing as usual. I took a lot more, but didn't want to overwhelm anyone with Alaskan gold.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Of Moose and Mallards

I was really hoping this wasn't the best moose photo I'd get this  year-She was posed nicely and an ATV full of dogs drove past (really, the back of the rig had a St. Bernard and two goldens in it!!). Their barking scared her off. 
 I decided to go see if she was around. I was very cautious, I did grow up here! This cool tree intrigued me. You can see arms emanating from the trunk reaching out for something.
 I got off the 'old pipeline' and looked up to Traxinger's driveway and saw her standing there watching me! I got just a bit closer and she wandered off into the trees.
 This was as close as I wanted to get to her! She was pretty calm and VERY large!
 OK, not a mallard. This is a young goldeneye. I was amazed at how close I got to it with the kayak.
 The mallards hang out in the lily pads. This year the pads are in a funny shape, you can't go around them. Going thru them was fun, but I startled the poor ducks. You can see them camouflaged in the pads.
 At the other end of the lake, I found a few more. I was able to get super close to them before they took off. Their flight feathers are almost all in place. Soon, they will be heading off to warmer lakes.

I'm always fascinated by the enchanting beauty this place harbors. Incredibly grateful to be here!