Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Christmas 2018

"...early Christmas morning
Much to his surprise
Snowflakes by the million
Were falling from the skies.."

Yes, this Christmas in Oregon, we got a bit of snow. I never wish or pray for snow for Christmas or my birthday, it doesn't happen. But, this year, it did!!!!!!!! We usually start our day with cinnamon rolls and sometimes sausage. This year, I opted to add eggs and Steve volunteered to cook them. He and Jon had 4 scrambled eggs each with a half a pound of deer sausage! (I ate some of Steve's) Jon added red onions to his mix. 
 The cinnamon rolls were a bit larger than my usual batch. I made 8 instead of 12 and put mini chocolate chips inside with an almond glaze. Jon declared them 'excellent'. I admit, they were soft and delightful!
 Then, we opened up Christmas socks and the rest of the gifts. Jon got Steve a new to him weed eater, hiding it in the back shed so it wouldn't need brought inside.
 Jon opened up his gifts with the aid of tools. He also helped open up the ones I was given.
 Yes, Jon said I needed one of these. I'm not entirely sure exactly what I'll do with it, but it looks like a great deal of fun.
 I gave the guys Lego bricks in their socks. Jon put his kit together a couple of times. He's on the floor next to the 'chicken roaster' he gave me. We aren't sure why he thought it was a chicken roaster, it doesn't say anything about chickens on the packaging! I was so excited to get this large cooking pan.
 This sign was also in Jon's sock. I saw it and absolutely thought it was Jon. He concurred and it is already hanging above the door of his room. Steve spent most of the afternoon watching one of mom's favorite movies. Jon and I chose it for his sock-Grumpy Old Men and then the sequel.

By the time dinner was ready, Jon had gone on a fire call to a nearby town. Moses didn't mind.
 After dinner we played Yahtzee with Grandma. She won by a LOT. We also gave her the presents we had gotten together. She was so surprised!
 She thought Steve was giving her Christmas lights. Inside was a battery tester she wanted and had a bit of trouble figuring out!
 Jon also got her another bird feeder. It is really cool, though!!!!
I'll close with another song. This one has a phrase my dad used to use all the time. 'Whoop de do.' 
(this is different. I used to be able to post the song instead of a link...)