Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Month End

Well, we may be boring, but we are busy! T has to play at a girl's game tomorrow (they lost their first game this year) and so that is what we are doing for my bday. Going to the basket ball game. It is still very cold outside, so am not doing too much out there. The neighbor's chickens got into one of my gardens and tore it up, so I will tie some plastic streamers to the trees to help keep them out. We have fenced in so much stuff and telling her to keep the chickens penned up is fruitless. (She is playing with a full deck, but it is made up of several decks and it has more cards than you might need for any regular game. She says our cat who chases her chickens is playing TAG! ) J wants sheets to write music on for his bday, unfortunately, I forgot to tell mum. I figured she might have a few blank ones around. Me, I don't really want anything except a pair of amethyst earrings on posts...I keep losing the ones I get. I tried to find some on ebay, but there were too many. I don't want hearts or odd shapes or silver or even ones that stick up out of the post. Normal 14k ones would be just fine! Friday, T leaves for an honor choir thing in Forest Grove. It is two days, but we get him back at night. Sunday is J's bday and I will send a cake to church. He wants pizza for his birthday lunch and as it is the Super Bowl, we'll probably just stay home and hang out. It is supposed to rain, but it is still cold outside (26 degrees) and that means it might even snow! I volunteered at the library bookstore today and sold me a book by Eartha Kitt. :o) I also found the Diary of Sameul Pepys which was hilarious. I might just get it as an oddity.
So much for January. Wonder what Feb holds???????

Monday, January 29, 2007

Almost Feb

Well, we are busy here enjoying the lovely sunshine. It has been very cold (24 degrees this morning!), but the days are beautiful. I bet we won't get the snow for my birthday, though. I can still hope! T had a speech tourney on Sat that I went to as a judge. It was fun, but very long. I did some gardening this week (planted some bulbs that should have gone in last fall!) and weeded. I only hope the elk don't find the new shoots now that they are getting fresh air and sunshine! J picked up a great many golden willow sticks in the yard that were blown down in December's windstorm. T finally brought me home Cry of the Icemark, so got that read. Wonderful book! Just bought a replacement for the Lost Prince and will add that to my shelves. The volcanos went well, it was better on Monday, but C'est le vie. Today we might be doing some optical illusion stuff. S put the fan in the bathroom finally and he made the path to the garage more tidy. I guess that is all for this last weekend. More later!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Girls win again!

THS girls bbx win again. They are an undefeated team so far. I don't think the boys will make it to state, but I bet the girls will! Our speech team yesterday didn't bring home any awards, but T said there were a LOT of schools competing. J's bari sax seems to be not working, we'll have to see what to do about that. My spicy black and whites (cookies) turned out better the first time I made them. I don't think I had enough baking cocoa..I used all I had! My cubs tonight made volcanos. They will 'erupt' them at the pack meeting on Friday. It should be fun!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Snow place like Home!

Something we don't often get on the Oregon Coast is snow. But, this winter it has fallen twice and stuck for a goodly time. This was last week, the 11th I think it was. I was able to make snowpeople and now it is usual. Maybe we'll get more snow in Feb! That would be fun!

Is it better now?

Well, I think things might be better. One person(in the help areas) suggested his page needed refreshed and so I did that to mine. It appears to be ok now for me. Wonder if anyone else can see it the way it is supposed to be. I should see if my sis can find me. I am kind of scared to try and put any pictures on..lots of people seem to be having trouble with that.

Friday, January 19, 2007

more notes of a varied sort

OK, now I have learned exactly nothing about how to use this thing. I think it is odd that the posts are only found in the archives, but c'est le vie. It is fun to read sunflour's, but I wonder if she will ever see mine???? I liked how she used different names for her family.
What has happened lately: THS Vocal Ensemble sang the National Anthem tonight for the game..THS won by quite a bit. We let T. go to the game, in spite of his grades. I was wondering if Mrs. H would have the Jr Hi choir sing for a game sometime..J was not impressed wiht that idea!
We have rain again. Lots and lots of rain. The snow is gone and my snowpeople are wilted in a terrible way. Am planning on a volcano experiment for my scouts on Monday. It should be fun.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Trying again

I wanted to write something about a door into summer (great book by R. Heinlein), but am still wrestling with this site. So, perhaps this post will appear with the first one and not in the archives! I did attempt to post a query on a helpline, but we'll see if that really worked or not. How can this be so confusing? And I thought I wanted to help create a webpage for the high school???? :o(

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

This is silly

OK, now I have a post that I thought I deleted on the blog site and post that I thought was on the site only on the dashboard site. And to make it even more confusing. On the first post, I edited it and those editings didn't show up...until you click previous posts. Then the page is like I thought it would look. So, now, I am going to see if this second...or third post shows up!!! I might just ditch this whole thing and go to bed. GGGGRRRR.

It can't be that hard to use this, can it????

OK, I had one post and then changed some stuff. It was changed on the dashboard thing, but not on the blog itself. So, in a fit of frustration..I deleted my first post completely. I thought that if I did that perhaps it would iron itself out. NOT! Once again, on the dashboard thingy it showed what I had done. But, in the blog itself there was still my unedited post and most of my profile. So, now I will post this and see if my blog site has one post or two. It should have one. We shall see.