Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Springing up with MORE Bdays!

Steve is working on the windows! This one was framed in and is awaiting the final touches (paint and caulking). He is also working on my gardening shelves and the rails on the steps going outside in the basement! Whoo HOO!

As for me, I cleaned up this part of the yard that has not been touched since we moved here. We think the previous people kept critters in here as it is all fenced in with sturdy hog wire. I tidied it and we hope to use it as a pen for Teddy when we have visitors. The second photo is the debris I pulled up! It really was a bit of a mess.

Almost as big as SPRING is our school here. Speaking of schools, congratulations to THS's Freshmen who won the charity drive for 2010!!!! That was an amazing amount of monies all the classes raised! $63,269 goes to Doernbecher Children's Hospital this year and the rest of the funds goes to scholarships and such. THS also won in the Cowapa League and WMHS won in their league!!! I am not sure exactly how to imbed links, but this is where you can go to see a pipes band video. Jon is in the VERY back with his baritone.

And SPRING! Crocus are all over the place! I have quite a few and then I found these teeny tiny purple ones. I have seen yellow ones around town, too! Very sweet. I also have these tiny white flowers that I cannot remember what they are blooming. I am going to look and see if I wrote it down anywhere. The tag is broken in half...right under where the name of the plant is! I even saw a robin today on our back fence!

And last, but not least, today is JaLeen's Bday (she is 5) and Jacit's is on Sunday, I think, (and she'll be 21). The pink cake is supposed to have chocolate chips in it..they sank and the chocolate frosting is way too much. Steve says it will really help tone the strawberry down on the cake and Jon tried a bit and said it was not too bad at all! (he was a tad skeptical of having a pink cake!) I was going to send it to JaLeen for her bday (the mix), but didn't get that far yet. So, made a cake for her and her sis instead! So Happy Birthday to my nieces!!!!

Am almost done with my Anne books and will read Farewell, My Subaru (recommended by Kym) next. Jon LOVED it! Also will get out some of my Brian Jacques books.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Sixteen years

I have been thinking a lot about that wonderful song from Fiddler on the Roof called Sunrise, Sunset. Those years do seem to move rather swiftly, don't they? sigh.

Sixteen years ago Jonathan was born. He was over 9 lbs (no, I cannot remember what he weighed or measured without looking, but I do remember one of the books Cyndi loaned me that day-a Star Trek cook book!) and had a lot of tubes attached to him due to my blood sugars being too high the previous day. Steve and Tony came AFTER Jon was born and the Calvert family (Terry, Cyndi, and Ryan) visited, but it was a most excellent Friday. And yes, Jon is fairly loving and giving. (remember that rhyme: Friday's child is loving and giving) He often surprises me with something he has done or made. (ok, sometimes the things he has done are not the BEST surprises, but they almost always make me laugh!) When he was very small he would bring me English Daisies or dandelions wrapped in a leaf and tied with a bit of grass. Now he brings me flowers made of metal!

We had a party yesterday with Gma and Gpa because Jon has Scouts on Thursday. Naturally, we had pizza and cake and ice cream. I did offer salad, which Jon reluctantly ate. His cake had the traditional 16 candles and he said I spaced them out too far..he couldn't blow them all out at once!!!! (if you see the little 'candle holders' they are actually those tiny 100 cal cookies! Pretty cute, huh?) You would think a bari sax player could handle a few candles! He had an illuminating evening, anyway. He got several flashlights!
At school today one of his teachers played happy birthday on an app for him, he sat around and bled (his words-they also sang to him and gave him a birthday red cross pin), and he took cupcakes to Scouts tonight. Chocolate with home made chocolate frosting, of course. He ended the evening with an episode of Burn Notice. He is a great fan of Michael Weston's!
As for me, am diving into my McCaffrey books. Started with Restoree and am doing the Pegasus ones. Which if you think about it, kick off all the rest of the books because they learn to colonize space in this trio and most of the rest of the books are in space.