Tuesday, April 29, 2008

It was spring.

We have had some pretty days and some not so nice at all days. Today is one of the latter. On a sunnier day, Grandpa got out some wheels and did a bit of work. Looking good!

We also got to go up on the Umatilla River on Saturday (see last post). Very pretty area and J climbed a hill. We saw a perfect house up there, but S doesn't want to live 30 min from a town anymore. I don't think I would mind much.

Not doing too much else. Mostly reading home improvement magazines in hopes of a home that needs improving! Some of those improvements are a bit much, though! Speaking of magazines, I found one in a dr office with the most amazing prices for kid clothes. I don't recall the name of the magazine, but two in this article were twinkle living and anthropologie.com and had stuff like a popcorn handknit throw for $265 and a baby beanie for $88 (that one was from a different company!). It amused me that someone would put a hat on a baby that cost $88. It was obviously not a magazine for the middle class group. They also had an article about where to take your kids when you visit France with your family.
C'est le vie!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Tulips and S at work

I was finally able to get photos of S in his new uniform and working at his new job. The uniforms stay at work, so he dresses there. J says his uniform looks like a business suit. It has gray pants to go with it. Very chic. He also has a new cart for his tools. But, it is too small. He needs another one!

And Dot's tulips! Are they not beautiful?????

Not much else going on. Just reading old favorites, Pheonix and Ashes by Mercedes Lackey, and wishing I was in Tillamook for the THS spring musical.
S might get out the grill tonight for dinner. Pork chop thingys. YUM!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Just another day in.....

Nothing new yet to report. It has been doing a spot of snowing today, my tomatoes I planted have black leaves at their apex, and S bought a placostomus (black bottom feeder) last Sunday that has already died. I told him NOT to get one as they always die no matter what we do, but he did and it did. >sigh<
We saw the movie Expelled this weekend. It was very good and it doesn't matter if you believe in Intelligent Design or what. This was very thought provoking and well worth the time it takes to watch it. Not a warm fuzzy movie, more of an informative one. Also saw The Star of Bethlehem again. I may have mentioned it in a previous post. The website for that movie is http://bethlehemstar.net/ and it is a powerful proclamation of how the technology of today can support the happenings in the Bible. I just need to learn how to spell! Anyway, today we were priveledged to hear a man from Voice of the Martyrs. He shared about the growing spread of Christianity throughout the world and what people in other nations do to seed the gospel in their worlds. There was one story he shared about a Muslim pastor who was taken captive and tossed in an Iraqi holding area. (this is a watered down version) He was put in a cell with 3 Sunni and 3 Shiite and when the 6 asked him what he was doing in there, his response was, "God has sent me to you to share the gospel!" And some of them did come to beleive.
So, I guess that things have been happening. Just not photgraphic ones!
Finally got The Secret Garden and it is as much fun as I remember!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Grandma's Garden

I have some more plants that I bought, but nothing is in color yet. Grandma has several hyacinths up and blooming and a lovely toad that shows up in her yard every year. The fun fishing decoration that is with all the daffodils is Grandma's Christmas present. It was in a Christmas blog.

This latter photo is a bunch more budded tulips and the other stuff is listed in one garden book as rose campion. They are a tall, soft, fuzzy stalk with a single hot pink five petaled flower at the top. They are a great flower. (there are few weeds in the planting areas, but not too many.)
I purchased some yummy smelling lemon thyme and a purplish spreading petunia plant as well as another pinkish one that is hoped to spread. I will plant behind them cosmos and shasta daisies and sunflowers. It should be nice when it blooms....
Not reading anything new. I need to find my The Secret Garden. I want to read it very much so.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


I took a photo of my 'garden'. The 'grave' is not a grave. It will be the radish and carrot bed. I did finally get a few marigolds. They are tiny, but have itty bitty buds on them. I also bought another clematis and some lily of the valley starts. I do think mine are not going to come back. However, it is still winter. No matter what the calendar and the dates say. There is snow back on the mountains today.

Well, we took Teddy to the groomers finally. It was a bit spendy, but not too bad. They sedated him and shaved him to the skin. The groomer said she had to use a horse clippers on him to get the mats and stuff off. I felt so mean when she took his leash and led him off. He looked at me with his big brown eyes and almost made me cry. It was about as bad when we sent T off to Germany. Except, T knew what he was getting into and he signed up for it himself. Poor Teddy, all he knew was that mom took him to this cold echoing place where there were lots of yowls and barks and strange smells and left him! They also clipped his dew claws, a necessary procedure as S and I couldn't do it without our dearest neighbor in Tillamook!

So, here is before and after:

Our poor baby! He is kinda cold now and he has a bulge on his side. That was looked at in Tillamook and it was discovered it was just a bulge of fatty tissue. It looks awful now that he is 'bare'. However, he will be much happier this summer and he will be easier to comb and wash.
I did give him a special treat chew toy to help him over his trauma. I think I should have gotten him a bushel of treats!

Monday, April 07, 2008

Updates for April

OK, I was told I needed to add more information. Kinda hard when there is nothing really going on and I have no photos.
First, T called!!!! He is dirty, hot, and fine. So, that is great news. If you would like to send him mail, please contact me as his address has changed to one in Iraq. (Some of you may have his new address, some may not.) The best place for news is a site called armytimes.com A bit gossipy, but very interesting.
I did some sewing for a play this weekend. Will do more next weekend. The play is 'Little Women!' I am also loaning T's Vocal Ensemble tux to the tall skinny kid who is playing Mr. Laurence. The jacket is too short, but the rest is ok. Well, I do have to somehow take in the pants. I finally met someone thinner than T!!!!!!! And the neatest thing, the kid uses a cane the exact colors that are in the vests!
I planted some stuff this week. Most of it was in the seed stage, but I found some garlic chives and chamomile and lavender. The lavender isn't ready to be planted yet. Too cold outside. Also waiting on my tomato plants and geraniums. The geranium is going in the most funky planter in the world. It is called a 'Down Under Planter' and they are made in Australia. You plant them and hang them upside down! Very nifty. I did find a website for them, but we'll let Jake put them on her really odd and random stuff links. (mostly because I am not sure how.)
It is bedtime and so I will chat with you all later.