Friday, April 25, 2008

Tulips and S at work

I was finally able to get photos of S in his new uniform and working at his new job. The uniforms stay at work, so he dresses there. J says his uniform looks like a business suit. It has gray pants to go with it. Very chic. He also has a new cart for his tools. But, it is too small. He needs another one!

And Dot's tulips! Are they not beautiful?????

Not much else going on. Just reading old favorites, Pheonix and Ashes by Mercedes Lackey, and wishing I was in Tillamook for the THS spring musical.
S might get out the grill tonight for dinner. Pork chop thingys. YUM!


aksunflour said...

Hot dogs/ pork chops thingys... same animal.

What is w/these new uniforms? DH looks like a trussed up turkey! Also does S get to change into his uniform on the clock or on his own time? Huge debate at my work- we aren't allowed to wear our uniforms anywhere but at the pool. But we are required to have them on and be out on deck when scheduled.

Mrs. Henderson said...

It's good to hear from you...thanks for the comment on the choir blog. I put Tony's email on the board at school and many students have read it. It's quite an education reading about life in times of war! I'm praying for Tony and hoping you all are having a great Spring. Anything Goes has it's last performance today. Last night went really, really well. The kids are doing a bang-up job.