Saturday, May 30, 2015

Friday Fun

We watched many persons performing this evening at the Encore Dance Academy's Spring recital. There was talent from the tiny littles spinning and toeing to tunes like 'Somewhere Out There' to the 'Minuet in G' by Bach. Miss Gattenby performed in a pleather jacket and magnifying glass to 'Private Eye.' However, the kidlets who danced and bossed their fellow performers as the audience clapped to 'Old Time Rock and Roll', brought down the house. The second half was just as much fun and the dance to Misty Mountain was incredible! 

 After the recital, Mum and I wandered over to the Sports Center in Soldotna to walk a couple of laps for this year's Relay for Life.

Each team had something fun to offer and The Kenai Youth Facility was no exception. They may have broken the mold for fun do it yourself games. It appears the idea originated with Alanna, but Rose and others helped to create it. Yup, 'Potty Plinko', play the game and help to 'Wipe Out Cancer'!!!!!
You stand behind the purple game board, on a step stool, and drop a ping pong ball over the top. It rolls thru the empty toilet paper tubes and almost always falls into a cup at the bottom. It was a huge hit! 
 I was glad we arrived in time to hear the roll call of those who have gone on and those who are still with us. It was hard to hear Mr. DeVito's name read, I am so sorry his fight is over. Yet, I am glad  his body is now at peace. I will never forget how he worked to forge a decent human being from that gawky bookish 6th grade girl.

 Rose and I are sporting top of the line recyclable necklaces with the team's logo on them. To 'Wipe out Cancer,' is one of my dreams as well.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Alaska-Homer outing

I am so sorry this took longer than I thought it would. It appears the blog didn't recognize me and considered me suspicious. However, I'm in now! Hooray. We will see for how long.....

After getting to the Kenai, my first 'outing' was a fast trip to Homer, Alaska. It was pretty chilly. The sunshine was lovely, but the wind had a definite bite to it.  
 However, it didn't seem to deter the fisherfolk. This man got the best catch of the day! Sea Stars on a double hook.

 It was a little hazy across the Inlet. I think the birds floating on the surface of the tide are common murre, but am not entirely sure!

 The best bookstore in Homer is 'The Homer Boookstore'. It has an ocean theme to it as well as these cute log and stick people reading out front.
 I liked how the octopus was reflected in the bathroom mirror, but I am not too sure about the grin I think I see on the face. Octopus are interesting creatures.
 Later in the evening, we stopped to visit Dad's bench in the Erik Hansen Scout Park. We don't have his name on it yet, but we will! The last picture is the view straight out from the bench. I think dad would like it.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

A bloomin spring has sprung!

As many of you know, I read. I adore books, and I devour them. My reading habits began with the Doctor and I never stopped! I've had these flowers in my garden for several years and never paid much attention to their final stage. I was thrilled to realise they resemble Truffula Trees. They only come in white. Jon and I did add food coloring to a vase, but they remain white. So, all my Theeds will be cream colored. I don't care, I'd wear it anyway! 

 I love to bring cut flowers inside. Lately, I've been setting iris in my kitchen window with my spider plants. Oddly, I also have jumping spiders in the window. There are often two, although, I must admit one will generally get squished. This spider startled me when I saw it climb over the edge of an iris petal.
 THIS spider startled me and DIED when it jumped off the iris on to my camera! I reckon it didn't like the reflection in the lens and became aggressive. I felt bad, but not too bad!
 I have one small patch of white iris. This year, this is the only stalk that grew and bloomed. It has so many blooms it fell over! I propped it up for the photo and seriously thought about bringing it inside. Except for a few things. 1-it is really TALL, 2-spiders, and 3-I'm leaving in a couple of days and don't really want the guys to have to toss out too many dead flowers!
 Last year, I left at the end of April and few things had bloomed. This year, at the end of May, EVERYTHING has taken off and bloomed. Iris, my Spice Bush (it has two flowers!), the roses (which smell heavenly), and my poppies. It appears I only have orange ones. I really hoped for some white or pink, but orange is fun.

 I love the stages captured here! They are so pretty when they unfurl.

 I'll miss the Lamb's Ear (end of the poppy row) and the cosmos (if  they grow), but I'm very thankful for all the lovelies I have gotten to enjoy this fast and early spring.