Friday, September 14, 2018

September Stuff

We have had some stunning weather this month. Lots of sunshine and stellar sunsets. 

 I've eaten salads and dinners outside, although many more meals have been in the hospital cafeteria.

There is a salmon outside the window of her hospital room, thankfully, most of the other animals around are less metallic in their makeup. . 

Our fireweed is beautiful this fall. Normally, we see the leaves turn red and then the plants get ugly in the autumn rains. This year it has been dry, allowing the herb to keep the fire theme from flower to frost. 
I had a chance to watch waterfowl on Bishop Lake and earlier the same evening, I saw beluga playing just off the mouth of the Kenai. (there is a beluga count this weekend. There are only about 300 in the Inlet now.) 

In spite of moose season, there are any number of the creatures roaming around. I've been privileged to see cows with calves and even a young bull. 
Our local forecasts have heralded a change in the weather starting this weekend. I reckon our summer is almost over and is about to reach an end. In hindsight, I can honestly say it was a season to remember. I wonder what is around the corner???