Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Happy Birthday, Jonathan!

Monday, the last day of January, we got a box addressed to Jon. It was full of goodies from Nana! A new brown snap up 'fancy' shirt, an itty bitty knife (Jon said it had to be small, it was a Gerber!) that was very cool, and a chocolate fish were among the treats. (it was a mixture of Christmas and Birthday stuff)

Jon's BDay just happened to also be the big half time show with the pipes and drums band at his school. So, we did NOT get to eat pizza and watch movies. However, when we got home Jon found this stuffed critter on the table. Yup, he finally got a turkey. He decided, after deliberations, to call him 'Phil'. The ammo was much appreciated also.

Saturday it was nice enough to head up to the mountains to go shooting. Jon took his camera and shot these critters. Can you believe how many elk there are up there??? Wish they had been around during the season! Jon also found this track. He is pretty sure it was a wolf track. They saw a LOT of elk that afternoon. It was like being in Tillamook!

Since it was pretty close to Jon's birthday, Saturday we had pizza and watched movies. We watched Ground Hog's Day since we had been busy on Wednesday and that is where the turkey got his name. If you are familiar with the movie, you remember that the prediction takes place on Gobbler's Knob by a rodent named Phil. And there you have it! We also had pizza and I made an ice cream cake for Jon. It was a bit more work than I thought it would be, but not bad at all. I did discover that it is not really a good choice for small families as it is not something that can go in lunches!
It is hard to believe this itty bitty 3 year old is now 17.
We love you, Jon-Jon!