Wednesday, September 30, 2015

After the First Snowfall.....

It snowed last night in Nikiski, but it quickly turned back to rain. Today the sun was shining and gold was shining everywhere. 
I was lamenting cuz it was too chilly for my summer clothes, but today appeared to be an exception. Capris and a tank top were more than adequate attire for splitting a bit of wood. Many of the pieces were already halved or quartered or even started, so it wasn't as large a chore as it could have been. Which was a good thing. This Alaskan gal may know how to use an axe, but she's not that good at it! 

I wasn't able to get out in the kayak today. I was kinda keeping to chores on shore, but I did take some photos. I also noticed the neighbor's took in their float this year (last year it was left out) and their lake toys are all put away. 

 I also found a spot of green among all the gold! A suburb day for the last day in September.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Short and Busy Visit to Alaska

 I normally don't care for graffiti, but this was really cute.

Blogger is being wonky!!! Pic of the boys and dad's bench. Jon and Tony built mom a new (albeit smaller) wood box and a hut for wood. They needed Steve's help to get it together!

Jon putting Papa and friends in the lake. Most of the ashes are my dad's (Bill) and then there is the cat, Midnight, and one of mom and dad's friends (Jerry Lawhorn). 
Randall Pippin shared a short prayer (it was super cold this morning!) and a bit about Joseph being Jesus' step dad. It was beautiful!!! 

 We didn't get to do too much while the guys were here. We visited the beach twice at night (once was Arness Dock, another time was down by the Tesoro docks, and then the last night we got to see the sun set at Capt Cook State Park. It was also cold all three nights!

 Steve and the boys took the car to ANC. We had Jon set up the tripod to take a family photo. But, I opened the door to the Merc and all the pictures show a window on me!!!! Mom had some teeth out on Tuesday, so she doesn't look as good as normal.

 As the guys put some special things in the truck they rented to haul the trailer with the car, they got some things put back in the basement. It isn't quite finished yet, so we have to wait.......Here they are putting mum's organ back.
Wasn't able to take pix when they left in the dark. But, they head back to the states on Saturday. 

Friday, September 18, 2015

A Blue and Gold Morning

The temps around 7:30 am was about 38, but it did get much colder last night. The frosted leaves, the calm lake, and the crisp air convinced me to go out this morning. I'll go out again, later. When it is less nippy!!!
 Ice on the bottom of a kayak helps it slide better on the ground! I was also pleased to see how much higher the lake was after all the rain we've had. This is a good thing!

 I wish I cold show you just how stunning an Alaskan September blue really is. My photography can't capture it properly.
 Not really of the lake, but I did like it!

The tire swing photo here is a close up version I posted on my FB page. Today was a lucky photographing day. I was pretty impressed!!! 

   And will close this Autumn lake series with
itty lupine leaves covered in frost and water drops!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Before the Autumn Rains

Lots of colors in hidden places. 
 These, I believe, are elegant goldenrod.They change from the ground up and remind me of flames.
 Looking down the lake, framed in spruce and birch.
 More colorful stumps-this one has a figure inside it!!!!!!
 Mum's dog, Obiwan, is waiting by the door. He likes to be outside, but much prefers in. Because his food dish is there.

 Fireweed fluff on the bluff! I love the flowers that grow outside the limits of Erik's park.
 Lord of Sea and Sky-this hymn is one I think of when I gaze out on the mouth of the Kenai.

 Love the clouds above the Inlet last Friday (September 11).

Monday, September 07, 2015

Northern Fall

Water drops on changing fireweed. 
 Berries amid turning leaves.
 When it rains, these birch leaves drip gold and green.
 Diamonds in the Marsh Cinquefoil greens (and reds).
 Stunning autumn display!
 Lake friends, they are not quite mature enough to leave yet.
 The sky was hiding in the lake!
You can see how much water is gone. When you go back to posts from the end of May and compare to this one, the lake is ridiculously low. I stepped out into about an inch of water and a LOT of muck. Sunk up many inches, thank goodness for boots!!!!!
 The baleful glare of frogs!

Sunday, September 06, 2015

Before Fall Dropped

Mt Spurr from the overlook near Arness Dock. 
 I knew the temps were going to drop, so I took one last 'summer' outing on the lake. Shorts, tank top, and bare tootsies. Many leaves were already switching to their autumn finery, but you could tell they weren't serious about it yet.

 A majority of the lily pads had already gone from green to gold to wrinkled and brown. Their season is a short one.

 My toes were NOT impressed with the temps (one of my feet dropped into the lake and was quickly rescued!!). You can see they are fuzzy and pale! (OK, the fuzzy is cuz they are out of focus, but it could be because they wanted to be warm!)