Friday, September 18, 2015

A Blue and Gold Morning

The temps around 7:30 am was about 38, but it did get much colder last night. The frosted leaves, the calm lake, and the crisp air convinced me to go out this morning. I'll go out again, later. When it is less nippy!!!
 Ice on the bottom of a kayak helps it slide better on the ground! I was also pleased to see how much higher the lake was after all the rain we've had. This is a good thing!

 I wish I cold show you just how stunning an Alaskan September blue really is. My photography can't capture it properly.
 Not really of the lake, but I did like it!

The tire swing photo here is a close up version I posted on my FB page. Today was a lucky photographing day. I was pretty impressed!!! 

   And will close this Autumn lake series with
itty lupine leaves covered in frost and water drops!

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