Sunday, September 28, 2008

My Week in Weston

I mentioned to several people that I would post pix of the most amazing school in the world. I really don't know how many steps there are in these buildings, but a gazillion is probably not a small estimate! The school was built in like 1927 or so and the 'new' gym was built in is still called the 'new' gym. It is three stories and I was told it held the Eastern Oregon University at one time ages ago. The first photo is from the steps outside the front door of the school.

The second one is going around the flag pole that is pictured in photo one. I finally learned that one side is for up and one side is for down..but not everyone pays attention to that rule! If it even IS a rule!

The third picture is at the landing in front of the flag and the last one is at the bottom of the hill where the buses park. The building nearest the fenced area is the shop and the yellowish building on the left is the old gym, the home ec (they still teach that!) area, and the band room. The 'new' gym is off to the right behind the trees and the cafeteria is on the go down some steps to reach both areas.
Not reading much. I left my library book at the new house and can't find the book I want up here. Very sad.

Monday, September 22, 2008

House Minuet, by Hansell

OK, we got newer cabinets and this is their layout..inside the boxes.

Cleaning a lazy susan is a pain in the neck!!!!!!! And the cabinet in the middle of photo two..that doesn't fit! So, we will put it elsewhere. At least, we think so. The tiny space by the window will have a tallish spot to put flat pans. It has to be 18 inches deep as the lazy susan is not placed the proper way. If we put the lazy susan properly, the stove will be touching the wall near the chimney and I don't want the stove near a wall. It gets very dirty that way.

The following are pictures of the bathroom (old toilet, still) and my other scraping project.
Which is NO FUN at all.

Reading a Mercedes Lackey book...Finally found my Pern plus books!!!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

more Round Up pix

Jake was nervous about the girls on the horses. So, here I have put my two photos together for her enjoyment...and the band members on horses (the entire band was riding!)....and last is one of the guys from the Umatilla Sheriff Dept with a tommy gun!!!!!! I was not able to get the Sasquatch. He was on a wagon with County Commish Bill Hansell. Seskie is also going on a tour to help celebrate Oregon being a state for 150 years and was interviewed, with Bill interpreting.

And that's it til I get the ice cream pix off of S's camera. Fun, fun, fun! More later!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Cementing the foundation and Roundup!

They did that all week. It was pretty wunnerful! Progress is being made! Here is our contracter and his help and the cement guy.

Then, THIS Saturday, 9-12, J was a part of the Pendleton Roundup Westward Ho! Parade. And then he worked at the Roundup grounds as a Scout and then, later, he and S, as a members of our church, made ice cream cones. He was a very busy boy!

J was a bit out of step, but it was his first parade!!!! The vests are Pendleton Wool and they had to have black dress pants, long sleeve white shirts, and they have the most awesome ties with zippers! It was 95 degrees.....

And for all you OSU fans, here is a Beaver pix. I could have taken photos of a coug float and a duck one, but this one was more colorful! They had a Eastern Oregon College one, too.

Am reading LM Alcott again.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

What J did this weekend

Walla Walla had a car show. So, he took a gazillion pix with my phone! Gotta love technology! The bike was an electric one and the gray car was from a shop that S had looked into working at. However, it would have been more fun than bringing home any bacon!

I rather liked these two! Mostly for the colors!LOL.

But, this one was my favorite by far!
It had a sign asking people to touch it!
Gotta roll!

Monday, September 08, 2008

A quarter note!

Here we have our ceiling in a lovely chocolate truffle with part of our fan light that cost us (with parts) about 20$. It is a Home Depot fan/light that sells for $79, but we found it at a Good Will! Next time we should have the trim up with a complete and working light (it works tonight, but I took the pix this am). Since we got it so cheap, we also purchased a more spendy bit. A remote!

These two photos are kinda funny. The first room, the dining room, is an Irish Cream. The living room is actually a color called Interactive Cream. They look exactly the same! They were two more of my mistint colors from Sherwin Williams..for $4 each gallon! The scraped part in the living room is where I am taking off the old paint to see what is underneath on the shelves. The dark splotch on the other side is actually another mistint. Pine cone. We are going to put it on the beadboard in the living room. The dining room will have the chocolate truffle for its beadboard. Trim will be added soon, cinnamin cake. (did I already mention these colors??? If I did, I am sorry, it is just so exciting to see color on the walls!). We have to cut in the edges still, so there is lots more work to do.
Fun, fun, fun!

Friday, September 05, 2008

A half note of painting news.

This is going to be short, because there has not been much done yet. We did get the addition started and S has primered most of the downstairs, so progress is being made. We still have the living room to primer yet. The kitchen has been mostly painted off-white and maybe this weekend it will get finished and the chocolate truffle ceiling will be painted. We'll have to see.
This is where the supports for the addition will be (note-the plums on the tree by the dirt pile are NOT ripe yet):

Views from inside the kitchen:

Views from the living room, one just inside it and one from the far corner: