Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day 2011

Steve got a really cool game from the kids (GI Joe Monopoly) then we toddled off to a GREAT sermon by Delbert, followed by lunch with Dorothy. But the bulk of the afternoon was spent with Grandpa Rod at the care center. When we arrived he was in bed-he had just had one set of visitors come in and we were next in line!
One of the things that was bothering him was missing a Bible. He couldn't remember the end of Psalm 23, so he asked Steve to read it to him.
After a bit, we went outside and sat in the sunshine. (we finally had a bit of warmth and it was splendid!!). We also met a very unusual breed of dog. She is part chihuahua and part dachshund. His owner called her a Cha-Daw.

Then, Steve gave Rod communion. Rod recited some of the verses from the last supper. It was moving.

Steve-a younger dad and Rod-the older dad. Rod was regaling us with stories of his youth. Memories of birthdays and his favorite foods: Pickled elk tongue and pig feet knuckles. Oh, and Grandma Flossie's pies. Apple, cherry, and mincemeat (made with the a fore mentioned elk!).
Three generations of Hansell boys.