Thursday, January 17, 2013

Frosted Beauties

I grew up with something we called hoarfrost. Most people in the states are not familiar with this word, but it is so beautiful! A partial definition of this is from Wikipedia:  The name hoar comes from an Old English adjective for showing signs of old age, and is used in this context in reference to the frost which makes trees and bushes look like white hair. It may also have association with hawthorn when covered in its characteristic white spring blossom.
 Love looking at the birds as they perch in the frosted trees. They are so much easier to find!
 Hoarfrost is cold, beautiful, and very fragile. Buford Buckshot, being made of metal, was intricately decorated overnight.

More of the different foliage in the yard. Above right are black eyed Susan's and dollar plants, next to those is my golden willow we brought from the coast, and last are ivy leaves. Such incredible shapes and designs in the frost!
 I wandered over to my neighbor's house and caught some super funky crystals adhered to different kinds of yard art. I loved the frosted Christmas light and the LED snowflake below will look incredible lit up...if the solar powered panel got some daylight! (I'll have to go over tonight and see.)

I particularly love this little garden bug that was spinning in the breeze. And I also noticed, the breeze we had in the night made the frost crystals form on only one side of these dried flowers. Pretty cool, huh? 

I opened this post today with birds and figured it would be fun to close it with birds as well! Birds are so much fun!