Saturday, August 18, 2018

Out and About-

Mum felt able to visit the beach on Thursday. She had the dog and her cane and a bag for rocks. 

 Obi was slightly bored cuz he wanted to walk a bit, but Mum said she'd take care of him.

 Obi's favorite thing to do, when he visits the Inlet, is to bark at the waves. He was very glad when mom took him near the water.

Mum was watching ripples near the shore and asked me to take photos of whatever it might be, so I did. They were pretty much in the same place the entire time we were there.

 I also picked  up some shells. Shells are rarely found on the Arness beach. I really like the odd one that looks a lot like a real heart. I couldn't find what it might be when I was online, though- Most of the rest are empty barnacles.
 Beach loot of shells and rocks. I found some things I've not found before, I think it is because of the recent really high tide we had. One of the rocks resembles rough petrified wood. It is rock, but not exactly.
At home the fallen tree had what I believe is Chaga on it. I removed as much of the growths as possible. Once it was cleaned a bit, I broke it into pieces for drying. 

I asked mum to stand in front of the fallen tree for a photo op. I really wanted her with a background of fireweed, but mot of that is already done blooming! 

 On Wednesday we went to the most awesome amazing spot in Soldotna. It is a small building near Fred Meyer with several businesses in it. A bookstore (where I purchased a book), a boutique (I got something there, too), I think a bakery (but I'm not sure, I didn't go in there), and the absolutely best place to eat I've been to in forever. It is called Fine Thyme Cafe and I highly recommend it. We met there with Sharon and some of Eileen's kids. It was good food and fun. Mum was very glad we met with them. (I didn't get a picture of everyone in the group, but I took several with their cell phones!!) The flowers are from their outside area. 

 The dragonfly is just cuz it was being nice and didn't land on me. These giant things clatter and are rather startling. Beautiful, but I much prefer to photograph them not on me! (it was back out at mom's house-)
It has been a busy week, starting with the downed tree of my last post! 

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

A Whomping Birch?

It has been a bit breezy the last few days. Not bad, but enough to stir the leaves. Plus a bit more! I was downstairs last night about 745 pm and heard a whomp. Mom yelled at me to see what it was. I ran upstairs, looked out the door, and was greeted with this! Now I know a bit of how Ron and Harry felt when the Ford hit the Willow in that infamous incident in the second Potter book. YIKES!!!!! 
I am very fortunate I had driven the car earlier and parked it about 2 to 3 feet from where I normally park. It most definitely would have gotten brushed by branches! I texted our neighbor's and they drove over to check things out. They'll bring over tools later in the week. I'm just really glad their youngest mowed for us before the tree fell! 

The funniest thing. These trees below are the ones we keep an eye on. They list and bend and are dead from beetle kill. But, they stand season after season. The one that fell, it had some issues, but I never would have expected it to be rotten inside! 

 There was some beautiful lichen on it. I loved the shades in the different leaves.

 It really was rather close to the car and the house. We were fortunate. I remember once at Christmas when the guys brought home a GIANT Christmas tree. Jon said, 'it looked smaller in the woods.' I sort of have to agree. I have taken photos of this tree several times and had no idea it was as big as it was!
 Mom's little 4H mountain ash seems to be ok. I'll have to make sure the neighbors don't smush it while they are cleaning up the birch!

 I'm thankful our friend, Jim, took down most of the dubious looking trees last fall. I can't imagine the debris if those had been left!