Thursday, July 31, 2008

Kinda cool!

OK, this is totally cool. A photographer from the Coast guard took this photo of the swim from Assateague to Chincoteague. Remember those books about Misty???? This was from last weekend. I found the photo on under photos from the front.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Home again, Home again.

Well, we were home...but now we are home in EO. Tillytown was splendid. Nice and misty and dampish. Very awesome. I did get some pix..not too many. In fact, very few. And they are horrid photos, I need a new camera! LOL

The first one is WiNeMa Christian Camp and the last one is of J's cabin mates. There were 196 kids at camp that week and about 120 were girls! OH, and then I have another one. Let me see, here is Mari!

She is usually prettier than that, but you know after a week of camp you get kind of tired!
Off to put away the banana chocolate chip muffins. Almost done reading Belgarath and am going to start painting trim in J's room..and start Polgara. Great reads.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Just stuff

We've been busy, but nothing that is really worth photographing yet! I have made a few wedding presents and Dot's got some great sunflowers that came up volunteer. The one project I have been working on is a big, grey huge thing...and the little table that 'goes' with it. Stripping paint is lots of work! We have some ideas on the table that should make it easier!
Grandpa went out and harvested some catnip. Rusty really likes catnip, she was in a better position before I got the camera..obviously!
And here are the paint removal pix:

The cleaner side was with a heat gun, the uglier side was after two days of chemicals. I am going to continue with the heat gun!!! I will have to find out where the table pix are. I don't recall which file they are in!!!
Off to the coast to pick up J from church camp. Be back soon!!!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

It's another birthday!

S had a birthday this weekend and some very old friends dropped by. OK, they are the same age as S and I. But, they had not been around in quite a while. The shorter one was in our wedding and Aquaman helped S burn down a shed or two when they were smaller. Enough said on those two!!!! At least, for now! (Did anyone notice how similar they all look?????)

Anyway, we broke in the new house with a small select party. Actually, it was a blanket invite and whoever showed up were the ones who were there! There were not too many, but it was very fun. The yellow candles stood for 10's and the white ones were 1's. Much easier that way!

J also was sent off to Scout Meriwether! The next week he will be at Winema. I am jealous cuz he is on the coast and I am not! But, we do have to pick him up from that will be awesome fun! Notice, he is one of the few dressed for the Oregon Coast!

Not much time to read right now. Our new library is opening today, though! I have been doing a lot of primering. You know, that stuff is hard to remove from skin after it dries!

T called last week. I have to send out notes to everyone on how he is doing. He sounds more positive than he has and he is getting a tad more sleep. They are still having mouse problems and they have their internet back finally. (yeah!)

Sunday, July 06, 2008

T's birthday..a little late, but hey!

OK, as he is not here, we did celebrate. Moses apparently wanted something on the table. It probably wasn't the frosted probably was the sirloin roast!
Grandpa had to blow out the candles. We figured he had the experience to do that (he is 83!). So, Happy Birthday T! We love you!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Debris and Derelicts

OK, it is NOT a derelict, but it is full of debris now!

This is our 'new' door to the kitchen. The fridge is still in the way. It needs framed and tidied, but it should be nice when it is done. The second photo is the bathroom. Minus just about everything. The cabinet thing is where the tub used to sit..we are not exactly sure what it was for. The other side has the laundry room. The wall that was next to the toilet and had the plumbing in it needed replaced as most of the plumbing was dangling in the wall.

this is photo from the kitchen side of our 'new' door. The wood looking part will also be removed eventually. The plaster is covering the chimney and is too messed up to reveal. So, we found a cool metal tile stuff for that. When it is done there will be a big opening to the dining room and a sort of a bar along and around the chimney. When it happens, we will post more photos.
Books being opened this week: David Eddings, Belgariad series.