Sunday, October 06, 2019

Hiking with Guns 1

Eastern Oregon Blue Mountain squirrel are picturesque. Especially in a rainy woods- Because it was so wet, Jon took quite a few forest photos. 

It also snowed above the guys and both decided it was a cold way to hunt. 

Jon went out again on Monday. Steve worked. Jon got his deer and Tony celebrated from afar with a couple of quips. The first one is rather apt since Jon actually discovered the deer he was watching was a buck duo sitting in the tall grass and brush. After Jon shot the nearer deer, the other sort of stood around and then wandered off. Jon really wished his dad had been there! 

Jon dragged it across the grasses with a four wheeler and then got it into a trailer (I think this is how the story goes. However, I'm sure he'll tell anyone who asks!) 

He got it out of the trailer with Bob. Definitely a good use of different sorts of tools and truly a Red Green sort of handiness..without the duct tape! 

 This sunset is from a couple of days BEFORE deer season, but it always good to end with one.

Wednesday, October 02, 2019

Who is watching whom???

Early in September, Jon spied this owl outside. He finally sent me some of the photos he took!!!
 Look at those talons- YIKES! I'm so glad the cats were inside.

 What a baleful stare!! LOL

 I'm assuming the predator finally took his rest. Incredible beauty to find hanging out in the locust tree! Steve and I figured this is a great horned owl. Jon felt it wasn't big enough.
“Perhaps he does not want to be friends with you until he knows what you are like. With owls, it is never easy-come-easy-go.” TH White 

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

To Remember

The ashes I sent to Minnesota have already been placed. Here in Alaska, Mum's ashes have been scattered for the last month. The first time was when we put some in the lake here at the house. There aren't any photos of that.This Sunday we went and took her to Homer and the last of dad's to Anchor Point. 
 When we moved to Alaska, it was to Homer. The picture below is from 1971 and the first photo of mom on the Homer Spit. Mom always wanted to return to Homer, we finally went back on September 22.
 I didn't have any pictures of mom's last visit to Homer. It was in 2015 and we were with JaLeen and Janet. This picture is from 2014, when mom and I stopped on the Anchor Point beach. 
 Here are mom and Obi on what was one of her last visits to Arness Dock in the late summer of 2018.
Before we took mom's ashes to Homer, Lee wanted to sing to her. He and Eric were playing at Jamfest in Soldotna. 

 One of the things I wanted to do was put dad in the Anchor Point cemetery with Grams. We finally found the cemetery, we never did find Grams. 

We did find one of my best friends who died a few months earlier, so we knew we were in the right time plot. 
So, that is about where Lee scattered dad. 

The tide was still fairly low on the spit. I was glad, It made for a mucky walk, but the patterns left by the ash were pretty. (they are the lighter white spots on the dark sandy mud) 

 I also scattered some down by Land's End. Another one of mom's favorite places on the Spit. It was a lovely day, full of laughter, tasty food, and memories.
 On Tuesday, Tamera went with me to Arness Dock to scatter ashes there. This is where Mom fished with NIkki and where Dad used to work. 

 The waves were a bit difficult to avoid, but Tamera made scattering ashes look so pretty!
 Mine was a bit less graceful, but mom is now a part of the  upper and lower inlet and these ashes I'd mixed up with some volcanic ash I found on the counter. Not sure which volcano, I do have another baby food jar with a bit more of mom and a different volcano. Not sure where those will go, yet.
Mom is now at rest. At least in body. Mother Teresa was one of her favorite people to quote. I felt this thought was apt as I look back and ahead:
“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.”

Friday, September 20, 2019

Fall Colors Between the Raindrops

I have taken quite a few autumn pictures. I am just getting around to posting them! They are from the first of September through the 17th. We have had raining cats and dogs and then brilliant sunshine. These are sunshine days! 
Watching the neighbor dogs bark from across the lake. 
 I liked this picture. It is a golden eye sleeping on the lake. They are one of the few ducks that sleep in the middle of the lake during most kinds of weather. Rain or shine!!
This day was stunning, though. September 10.
I like the twists in this tree. You can almost see the far tree looking surprised around the larger tree's twist! (eyes and a nose)

 I took the burls on this tree from different angles. This one struck me as prettier with the popping color of the red rose hips.
 Gorgeous sunset from the house.
 Purple skies always make me smile!
The Monday of the digging, I stayed out of the way of the men and hunted for a few raindrop pictures. It had poured on Sunday, yet Monday had dawned warm and lovely. 
 Reflections of fall in a liquid kaleidoscope!
 These guys make me laugh. They are so funny. I keep wondering if it is the same ones up there. In one afternoon you can hear them and watch them as they circle and circle and squawk and circle and decide who is in front of where. I have said they are practicing migrating with the newcomers. These are Sandhill Cranes. You can see their long legs and necks in one of the photos-I took several, but decided to only post two!

Hopefully, they will get their act together and fly south. After all the rain, you can see new snow on the mountains. Termination Dust. Winter is definitely around the corner.