Sunday, May 27, 2012

2012 WMHS Graduation!

Class of 2012~

          Photo taken before Graduation with me-

The empty diploma! 

 Happy faces on Steve, Jon, and Tony! 

 Grandma, Jonathan, and Nana! 
Great Job, Jonathan! We are all so very proud of you!

Graduation Cuppy Cakes-

 I volunteered to make cupcakes for the SRs for their graduation party. I knew I could do better than a couple of dozen cakes frosted in a design. So, there you go. I decided that with 30 some odd graduates and several chaperons, I needed at least 2 cakes per person. Thus, I determined 3 cake mixes and 72 cuppy cakes. I researched sites and found using miniature resees cups was the most common for the hat base and several things were used for the mortar board. However, when I saw 'use chocolate covered graham crackers', I knew I had the perfect idea! Unfortunately, it wasn't. It appears that the top of the hat needed to be smaller for the size of the miniature cup. So, since I had all the crackers, I opted to make the bases out of miniature brownies baked in my mini muffin pan. Next time, I will just cut to the chase and use the chocolate squares suggested! I had to shave many of the muffins and cupcakes flat on their top, but it all worked. The cupcakes with the white dots are ones that have filling and they are all sitting in the bottoms of Safeway pizza boxes. (which are excellent for carting around cupcakes!)
Once the little hats were made, we let them dry a bit before sticking them atop the cupcakes. It took a while! One of the hardest parts were the tassels. They are made from fruit rollups. However, it did not say on the box that the roll ups were laid out in a design. I was so annoyed! The shapes made it hard to cut and roll the tassels.

 After affixing all the tops onto the cuppy cakes, we added the tassels and buttons. I chose not to use buttons (m&ms) in school colors only because they are so many colors in a bag of m&ms!
 Mom brought the holders, I was going to just use basic pastel colors. But, these are ever so much more fun. On the edges they have hats and diplomas and on the bottom they say 'congrats grad'. Much more festive than pastels!
 When all were done and made, I had a few 'hats' left over. So, I put them aside for Jonathan. He thinks we'll be getting many of these back cuz I made too many. I am not so sure, but we'll see! If we do, we'll just fix the tipped over ones and have them for Jon's party on Sunday!
There you are-graduation cupcakes. I've now joined the bloggers who make these! (I'm so very avant-gaurde!)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

At the Races!!!!!

 Blogger has changed things a bit again-I hope I can get this so it looks sort of ok! At any rate, our church youth group went to Hermiston, Oregon to watch one of our youth leaders race. It was so amazing fun--I was up on some rickety bleachers and didn't even NOTICE cuz I was cheering so hard for Brian. Well, then I did notice and grabbed the arm of the young man standing next to me! He was startled, but I didn't fall over!!!

 The main main event was the racing of the 'big rigs'. These are semi trucks and are called Rolling Thunder and were very loud! Jon's favorite rig was this old black truck-super cute. For a semi!
 Blue #2 is our Brian!!!! Go, Brian, Go!!!!!
 One of the spectator's brought ear protection for their little one! Many of us needed it.
 Brian didn't do so well in his time trials or the heat races, but when it came down to the main race, Brian blew past everyone! Brian races a super mini-before this race the minis raced and one little red car out ran everyone. He got to race with this group and we found out just how fast these little cars go! The little red car was in the dust of the super minis. It was incredibly exciting--The kids we took had a super time! (So did all the adults!)
 Here is Brian climbing from his car-you can see his youngest daughter, Bea in back grinning like crazy!
Brian was awarded his trophy by Miss Oregon and a young 8 year old. Brian was humbled and amazed at the support that showed up at the races to watch him! 
 Here are the girls with their dad's trophy---everyone got to look at it!
Two of our younger members checking out the race book.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Rod Hansell

These are photos of the last few years-most of them after we had moved to Eastern Oregon.

Rod's Legacy

The next photos (I should have posted them backwards, so you see the older ones first and then these..) are Tony, Jon, and Gpa's legacy.

Rodney in color!

These next photos will be of Rod in color-I hope this works since the last one did NOT do what I expected it to do~ I am not adding writing to them since it totally messes up the blog at this time. Enjoy anyway!

G Rodney Hansell



It appears blogger has totally changed it's formatting and I
am not sure how to use it. I liked simple and this is not
SIMPLE! At any rate, these are black and whites of Rod
and his family.